Operations Team

Andrew Cooperac shot small head shot
LibertyWorks Inc.

Andrew is Brisbane based with interests in property and internet businesses. He began to question the influence of the state on personal and economic freedom duringĀ his university years after a friend encouraged him to read Milton Friedman’s “Free to Choose”. Later he discovered Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” which he considers being one of the most profound >>read more>>

justin campbellJustin Campbell
General Manager
LibertyWorks Inc.

Justin works in technology and has degrees in accounting and economics. He lives in Brisbane, Queensland. He is a reformed leftie having previously been a member of the Australian Democrats and the Australian Labor Party. Justin is passionate about protecting free markets and a free society. He is interested in free speech advocacy, social liberties and free market economic reform.

Nicola Wrightnicola-wright
Senior Writer
LibertyWorks Inc.

Nicola is a digital communications and marketing coordinator andĀ holds a BA (Internet Communications) from Curtin University. She is passionate about liberty and human flourishing, and has an interest in free speech advocacy, and free market solutions for a range of issues facing humanity today. Find Nicola on Twitter.