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john-humphreysDr John Humphreys
Executive Director
Human Capital Project

Dr John Humphreys is the Executive Director of the Professional Research Institute for Management and Economics (PRIME) and the Human Capital Project (HCP), both of which operate in Cambodia. He is also the President of the Australian Libertarian Society (ALS), Deputy Director of the Australian Taxpayers Alliance (ATA), and a Justice of the Peace in QLD.

John holds a PhD in economics from the University of Queensland. He has lectured at universities in Australia, Dubai, and Cambodia, published two books & dozens of articles/chapters, and has given presentations in Chicago, Hong Kong, Jakarta, & around the world. Outside of academia, John has worked for the Australian Treasury and completed consulting jobs for ASEAN, World Bank, and various industry groups.

Dr alan-moranAlan Moran
Regulation Economics

Alan is a noted economist who has analysed and written extensively from a free market perspective.  Alan his written numerous books and articles on the interface between climate change, energy and our standard of living including editing and contributing to the 2015 book (published by Mark Steyn’s Stockade Books) Climate Change: the facts.

His new book, Climate Change: treaties and action in the Trump era, is an examination of:

  • The setting of the climate change agenda
  • Its position in the international arena with treaties that are increasingly placing pressures on governments to take actions that are in conformance with them
  • The costs involved, especially to Australia, in such actions regarding the climate change agenda
  • The effects of the Trump Presidency in demolishing the Paris agreement and the Australian response and need for an exit strategy from the debilitating policies on renewables and other matters that have brought us a high cost and unreliable electricity supply

Image result for anthony cappello connor courtAnthony Cappello
Managing Director
Connor Court Publishing

Anthony is the founder and director of Connor Court Publishing. He has a Bachelor of Theology, Masters of Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy in History. He is also a qualified Lift Mechanic, Electrician and a former member of the Electrical Trades Union.

Darren Nelsondarren_nelson
Austrian Economist

Darren is a neoAustrian economist, regulatory analyst and communicator (public speaking and media) with almost two decades of experience working for/with government regulated businesses, government policy makers and regulators, and those bodies trying to reduce government regulatory burden… in Australia, New Zealand, >>read more>>