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How safe is your house from confiscation?

People regularly talk about things being “as safe as houses” and the great Australian dream of owning your own home is now a reality for more and more people, but how safe are law abiding citizens when it comes to government confiscation laws?

If you think the suite of confiscation laws brought in under recent governments, Labour and Liberal alike, are only there to tackle major criminals – the so-called king-pins of organised crime, and the ‘Mr Bigs’ of the drug trade – then perhaps it’s time for a reality check.

Take the case of Ms Nguyen, who I met earlier this month (and with whom I’m pictured above). A single mother and a factory worker earning close to the minimum wage, she is fighting to stop the DPP from selling her house out from under her. This person has no criminal record; not so much as a parking ticket … Read the rest