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When it’s facts versus feminism at the Guardian, it’s down the memory hole with the truth

The one thing that you can rely on The Guardian to be is inconsistent. On Britain’s recent Royal Wedding they published one article celebrating Meghan Markle for being brown skinned and another  late last year criticising her for not being brown enough. Would it not be better to abide by Martin Luther King’s exhortation to judge people by the content of their character rather than their skin colour? But then I would say that being a privileged white male of impeccable character.

There was more predictable lunacy recently in the Guardian, from Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, who wrote an article praising the historian Dan Snow because he lied to his children by telling them that there were female spitfire pilots in the RAF during World War Two. Miss Cosslett thinks it’s a wonderful idea to lie to children about history if it doesn’t mirror the past the way she thinks … Read the rest

The first step in fighting barbarity is to speak out

So, some very well intentioned people had a march in Barcelona the day after the attack on the Ramblas,  it’s a city I know well from when I worked there as an English teacher. They wanted to let every one, especially the Jihadis, know they weren’t afraid. Well, congratulations, but it’s easy not to be afraid when there isn’t a van full of religious nutters trying to mow you down. If they had been walking there the day before, when the attack was occurring, they’d have been utterly terrified like any normal human would have been. If they had survived they’d be dealing with horrific injuries and traumatic mental scars. I’ve seen the disturbing images of dead people including children strewn along the Ramblas that the media will not allow us to see. I can’t even imagine the distress that will linger in the memories of the survivors.

Yet, turn … Read the rest