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We have to talk about Germany

Author: Rafe Champion

The bottom line for people in Canberra who are too busy to read to the end is that German emissions have not gone down since 2009.

Australia has a lot to learn from the German experience with renewable energy. Their program is called the Energiewende, the German dream of a green energy transformation.

The roots of the dream are in the anti-nuclear protests of the 1970s although the British policy analyst Rupert Darwall in Green Tyranny traced it further back to the long tradition of environmental fundamentalism in Germany.

In the 1980s the German Greens became a political power and activists started to use the term Energiewende. They hated nuclear energy and the Chernobyl episode helped them along. Then in the 1980s climate change entered the discourse.

In 1991 came feed-in tariffs followed by a comprehensive Renewable Energy Act in 2000 and a commitment to … Read the rest

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Economics is not a STEM field

Author: Steve Kates

So the US economy is expanding at a 4.1% annual rate and is experiencing a tightening labour market and possibly even rising real wages. That the American economy under PDT would shed the shackles left by eight years of Obama mismanagement and the inept oversight of GWB was as straightforward as anything I could have imagined although never a certainty given all the unknowns that surround every economy all the time. A supply-side approach, in which the government removes regulations and does not try to spend its way to recovery, is the formula that has worked time and again: see, for example, the spectacular Costello recovery of 1996-98 which was driven by massive cuts to public spending and an entrepreneurial-focused policy framework. No Keynesian at the time had expected it – Treasury begged Costello to reverse his policies! – nor have I ever heard a Keynesian who … Read the rest

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The other side of the gender inequality coin

Author: Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus

Over recent years there has been a growing concern about ‘gender inequality’ (see for example the Workplace Gender Equality Agency) with claims that women are systematically paid less than men. Many of these claims are refutable – see for example the writings of Judith Sloan.

But there are other aspects of ‘inequality’ that are not generally raised by the WGEA and activists. That is: men pay more tax and receive less social security. Men live fewer years. And men are more likely to die violently.


Take life expectancy. The most recent life tables show that a new born male can expect to live to 80.4 years, a female to 84.6 years – an additional 4.2 years. And, sadly, undertaking a sex change operation from a man to a woman will not add years to your life.

For those aged 65 (relevant to the discussion … Read the rest

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