Author: <span class="vcard">Gabriel Buckley</span>

In defence of streaming services

In the world of commercial music the power balance has shifted – billions of consumers now have more pull than hundreds of thousands of recording artists.

It’s called democratisation.

The more people you have making decisions, and the more immediate the impact of those decisions, the greater the variation in choice. A large number of consumers have chosen to spend their collective music budget on a little bit of lots of different artists’ work, where previously a small number of record company executives had allocated it across a narrower spectrum on their behalf.

If anybody wants to argue that the price per impression on streaming services is too low, then it should be pointed out that the artist receives that minuscule sum every time their song is played, as opposed to an up-front lump sum when purchasing a record or CD. Divide the purchase price of a CD by the … Read the rest

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It’s the law that needs to change, not men

A little over a week ago as I read of the callous rape and murder of Melbourne comedian Eurydice Dixon a familiar fury boiled inside me. The right of all human beings to life, liberty and security is a cardinal component of my morality. As she walked through a park in “the world’s most liveable city”, Eurydice Dixon had those rights ripped from her in a brutal and horrifying manner. Ms Dixon was a few years older than my eldest daughter. News of her slaying sent a shiver through my core, as it did for thousands of parents of young women who wish to exercise their fundamental right to go about their business unmolested.

In the days following, a number of lengthy and confronting lists of “things that women do that men don’t have to think about” circulated social media detailing the lengths women go to in order to avoid Read the rest

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Cannabis: just legalise it already

Nearly half of all Australian electors are in favour of legalising cannabis, as a recent survey by Australian National University shows. 43% of respondents are in favour of legalisation and only 32% believe cannabis should remain criminalised. This means pot is more popular than either Malcolm Turnbull or Bill Shorten. Similar levels of public support triggered a national plebiscite on same-sex marriage. With more and more jurisdictions seeing the green light on cannabis, why are Australian politicians lagging behind on legalisation?

Cannabis is the fourth most popular recreational drug in the world after alcohol, tobacco and caffeine. Its use has been documented in humanity’s earliest writings. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime recently found that five percent of the world’s population have used cannabis in the previous year. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found that locally, more than ten percent of Australians have used cannabis Read the rest

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Plebiscites and pontification

There has been a plethora of pundits weighing in on the subject of same-sex marriage in recent weeks. A significant amount of intellectual energy has been expended by libertarian commenters attempting to assert that a yes vote in the upcoming postal plebiscite is inconsistent with libertarian values. In particular, it has been argued that the true libertarian position would revolve around the complete devolution of marriage from its current status as a function of the state to its historical role as a function of religious and secular civil society. Another common objection revolves around the protection of the religious liberties of those who might be called upon to cater to same-sex wedding celebrations. It is all well and good to pontificate about perfect libertarian solutions involving getting government out of marriage altogether and protecting the right of businesspeople to choose who they will and won’t do business with but in … Read the rest

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