Author: <span class="vcard">Jacob Watts</span>

Price controls could leave airport users stranded on the tarmac

An Australian Productivity Commission inquiry into the regulation of our country’s airports has raised prospects of price controls and other regulations in a bid to exert control and oversight across the industry. Although well-intentioned, these moves are likely to have unforeseen and undesirable consequences which must be considered prior to the inquiry’s completion and delivery of the Commission’s report to Treasury by June 2019.

Although the allure of regulations might seem appealing to self-professed “champions of the people”, what remains clearer is that optimum results for consumers are best achieved in an environment that promotes free and lively competition – not heavy-handed measures which could prove disastrous for the very people they are intended to benefit.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that the aviation and airports industry is a constantly evolving one which is responsive and adaptive to market trends and consumer demand. It is doubtful that there is an imperative … Read the rest

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