Author: <span class="vcard">John Alexander</span>

Campus censorship at UQ

The evidence is mounting that Australian universities are more concerned with protecting students from offence than upholding the free expression that once made campus life great.

Around a fortnight ago, a rally held by the no-vote campaign group ‘Our Vote, Our Voice’ at the University of Queensland made the national media when it erupted into an ugly standoff when same-sex marriage advocates crashed the event in an attempt to shut it down.

The rally started out as a fairly tame affair. The speaker stood atop a grassy knoll next overlooking a major thoroughfare and explained why he, as a gay man, did not support same sex marriage. His megaphone was loud enough to be audible, without blaring, and he was joined by a little over a dozen supporters.

Within minutes, the scene was stormed by protestors trying desperately to drown out the megaphone with their own chants.

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