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No Campaign Dad shows why we need school choice

Last week, Buzzfeed reported that Steve Tourloukis, a Canadian father prominent in advertising by the Coalition for Marriage, “asked for advance notice of the mention of horoscopes, wizardry, and moral relativism so he could shield his kids from “false teachings” at school.” He later became involved in a court case in Canada against that country’s education department. The Coalition for Marriage have been highlighting this case, linking marriage equality with the controversial Safe Schools program; implying that marriage equality is a slippery slope that will lead to a reduction in religious freedom. Tourloukis’ laundry list of objections has been used by Buzzfeed to dismiss his concerns; instead what it demonstrates is how public education inevitably results in a fight to control education and why school choice is necessary.

Buzzfeed rightfully points out that is unreasonable to expect the school system to cater to every parent’s demands around what Read the rest

If Corporations care so much about diversity and inclusion, they should hire older workers

It has become fashionable for corporations to promote diversity and inclusion, but if they cared about being inclusive, they would focus on hiring more older workers. It’s often said that the ideas people spout are those of long-dead philosophers. In the case of modern corporations that philosophy is intersectional feminism, with their chief target old white men. The focus in this agenda has been to be inclusive of people of different races, genders and sexuality, but one significant group has been forgotten: older workers.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Australia still ranks behind many other OECD ranking 12th for mature-aged employment rate. Presently, Australia’s mature-aged employment rate sits at 62.4%, compared to 76.1% in New Zealand. The Australian Human Rights Commission has identified age discrimination as a concern, with many older Australians unable to secure employment in areas where they have both experience and qualifications. Australia’s Aged and Read the rest

Progressive or Liberal? Pick one, because you can’t be both.

Recently Liberal Democrats (UK) leader Tim Farron was forced to resign as leader of that party because of his Christian faith. Over the past few months, the contradiction between his Christian faith and his party’s platform on same-sex marriage was highlighted in the media, and his position became untenable. In spite of his support for same-sex civil marriage, the fact that he privately did not support same-sex marriage for religious reasons made him a pariah in his party. In other words, for progressives, tolerance is not enough, only screaming acceptance will do.


Farron wrote, “To be a political leader – especially of a progressive, liberal party in 2017 – and to live as a committed Christian, to hold faithfully to the Bible’s teaching, has felt impossible for me. I’m a liberal to my fingertips, and that liberalism means that I am passionate about defending the rights and liberties of Read the rest

LibertyWorks Vodcast – Episode 3


Description: Nicola Wright and Justin Campbell discuss the same sex marriage plebiscite, free speech and corporate social responsibility.


No winners with same-sex hate bill – Nicola Wright

Online discussions on same-sex marriage to be monitored – Brisbane Times

Opinion: Gender equality isn’t about women working in media. It’s about others who don’t share our privilege – Helen Razor



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Australia’s same sex marriage plebiscite

After what feels like an eternity, Australians will finally get the chance to vote yes or no on the contentious issue of same sex marriage. For many Australians the vote is an unnecessary and divisive vote on their individual rights; but for many others it’s an opportunity to participate in the democratic process. But what role do plebiscites play in our democracy? And why don’t our politicians want us to have our say?

The Same Sex Marriage plebiscite came about as result of Australia’s parliament being unable to resolve the issue through a free vote. The Coalition has been unwilling to resolve the issue via a free vote due to the concerns of its more conservative members. This was partially due to the Australian Labor party denying its members a conscience vote on the issue, preventing socially conservative members of that party voting no.

This led to the resignation of Read the rest

LibertyWorks Vodcast Episode 1

In the first LibertyWorks vodcast Nicola Wright, Andrew Cooper, Stephen Cable and Justin Campbell discuss banning anti-vaxers, Get Up, Same Sex Marriage and special persons day.



Anti-vaccination advocate Kent Heckenlively denied entry to Australia by minister Peter Dutton

GetUp! pockets $2m with a ‘dirty’ deal

Same sex marriage: Network Ten admits doctoring controversial footage

How government policy exacerbates hurricanes like Harvey


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Queensland Greens go full commie and abolish private property!

Ok, not quite, but they have released their new policy to, “fix the rigged system that treats renters as cash cows for real estate agents and property developers.” Not even joking, this is a real policy. According to Brisbane Times, The Queensland Renters’ Rights plan involves renters having access to unlimited leases, which they could cancel with three months notice. Landlords would be required to give 12 months notice and would only be able to terminate a lease on “reasonable grounds”.

The policy would also prevent tenants from being evicted from the home if the property owner wanted live in the home themselves or wanted to sell it. Generously, the Greens policy would allow the property to evict the tenant after three months in the event of non-payment of rent. The landlord would also only be able to increase rents every 24 months.

Greens candidate Kirsten Lovejoy said, Read the rest