Author: <span class="vcard">Rohan Indra</span>

Outdated workplace laws deny the dignity of work

One of the great sources of human fulfilment is the dignity of work. It establishes independence, the means for material sustenance and allows us to provide for our families. The most effective way that employment opportunities can be harnessed is for government to get out of the way to allow job creation by liberalising industrial relations laws to encourage employees and their employers to determine the terms of their own relationship.

History attests to this with record-low unemployment at 4.3% during the Howard era after he deregulated workplace laws. Similarly, we see booming job reports under the Trump administration with his pro-enterprise agenda that involves cutting business red tape. Unfortunately, with election season around the corner, there have been worrying proposals from Oppositions both state and federally, that will return us to the bad old days of inflexible labour markets, disruptive industrial action from militant unions, and businesses tied down … Read the rest

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Government killed the video star

One of the great products of capitalism is technological advancement and innovation, as enterprise and business when left free are able to unleash their creativity through their products and services. Such technological advancements have grown rapidly since the turn of the century, especially in media which has seen ground-breaking innovations like social media platforms and video streaming that have revolutionised industry practices.

These innovations have been disruptive for traditional media companies. We have seen the effects first-hand through the collapse of the Fairfax empire, and are witnessing the slow extinction of traditional free-to-air TV. While breakneck technological disruption is a major factor behind TV’s struggle, with an exodus of customers to online streaming giants such as Netflix and Stan, government regulation is also to blame as it has left companies less competitive and unresponsive to consumer tastes.

Most principally, it is local content rules applied to free-to-air television that mandate … Read the rest

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