Brisbane’s new green ghetto?

The Queensland Greens have announced what they euphemistically call a “Housing Policy“, called “a home for all”. This will cost (by Greens fuzzy maths) $60 billion, yes, billion with a “b”, and produce 200,000 “dwellings”. The numbers are rosy and utopia will arrive, although they forgot to tell everyone that they’ll be better looking, but I’m sure that will be coming in the “cosmetic surgery improvement” policy they’ll be announcing soon.

If there’s any doubt about what this will look like, just do an internet search for “Soviet housing projects”. Not the concept drawings, but the actual finished product and what it looks like after a few years. If you’re still curious, do a search for British council flats and have a look at how hideous government housing ideas really look like.

The stated intention of the Greens is to bring the wisdom and superior guidance of the government to housing issues and help everyone out. It reminds me of the chilling words, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help’. If implemented, the policy would decimate the private housing market and the solution would then be total government intervention. The end game or course is to fulfil the communist vision of the Greens and remove private property entirely. The result would be a terrifying Mega City One zone of equality, the type of equality they had in the Soviet Union where everyone was equally poor, had equally fewer options and equal possibility of being sent to re-education camps.

This will be paid for with the imaginative and novel method of raising taxes and using government debt. Debt to the tune of $50 billion. It’s one of the only campaigns I can think of where a party was proudly announcing their intention to put your children into debt slavery.

The tactics used are the same as always. Find a victim group that needs “help”, use that need to justify massive government intervention and then implement government control. The same argument is used for energy, for health and for property.

The left has nothing new, just worn out and discredited ideas that have been tried and failed over more than a century. But they are just sure that it will work this time. And should you think this is just the domain of fringe radicals like the Greens, please think again. If it’s Greens policy today, it’ll be Labor party policy tomorrow.

Stephen Cable

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  1. Nice reference to Judge Dredd. They could have block wars. The Greens need some hot shots, that’s for sure.

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