The Greens energy policy is eco-Marxism


Do you live in Queensland?
Do you suffer from high power bills?
Never fear, The Greens are here!

Like a knight in shining green armour, they’re riding over the energy landscape on a policy steed to save you ‘up to’ $370 per year. This is great because viewing my power bill every quarter the first thing I think to myself is, ‘what would The Greens do about this’? Yes indeed, when it comes to economic management The Greens are the first people society looks to for answers.
In April they launched their energy retailing policy for Queensland called Power for the People. For those interested in seeing the videos promoting the policy you can see them here. Michael Berkman, the candidate for Maiwar and Amy MacMahon the candidate for South Brisbane, feature in the videos which give a basic outline of the ‘problem’ with energy retailers and their ‘solution’ to the ‘problem’.

The Pravda summary is as follows: You’re being ripped off on your power bill by greedy companies which are making large profits. The Grattan Institute agrees with them as well so it must be true. Some of this terrible profit goes to evil CEO’s pay packets. While those evil CEO’s were making money, some people had their power disconnected because they were unable to pay their bills. Their solution to this is to place energy retailing under state control, which will reduce costs. This will work because it’ll be run for people, not profits. Simple. It’s so simple I wonder why no one’s ever thought of running a state-controlled economic system purely for the benefit of the people and completely removing the personal reward incentive before?

The policy presentation is framed in Marxist terms of evil capitalists exploiting the defenceless proletariat, all the while aided and abetted by the main political parties who are donation slaves to large corporations. However, there are courageous outsiders (The Greens) who are brave enough to take on the establishment and fight for you, little people. In marketing terms, the ad is a soft sell with comforting guitar music in the background and kind faces who love you. This is opposed to hard sell political ads which use distorted black and white imagery with red lettering and scary deep voices warning you of the dangers ahead.

In one presentation they show their true Marxist intentions by claiming that ‘Our entire political system is addicted to privatisation’ and goes on to state that private markets have failed us in the areas of energy, housing and healthcare. These three areas are essential parts of life and if you control them, you have unprecedented control of the population. If private markets have failed then there can only be one solution, more government to ‘protect’ you. In short, government equals good, private equals bad. Question. Who is better at providing consumer goods and services? Private enterprise or government?

When a supplier of goods or services fails in a particular area, the market is swift to correct with consumer spending. This is the true power you possess in an open and free market and you can use it to demolish businesses. To borrow from The Greens terminology, this is true ‘Power for the People’ and will be removed under their proposals. If someone isn’t measuring up you can go to the competition which is why you rarely see long queues at restaurants but often see them at Australia Post. With the one you have a choice, with the other you have none. All markets fail in some way at some point in time, the key is market correction and who does this best? When private markets fail, you pass judgement with your private dollar allocation. When government fails they cover up with your public dollar allocation. Inefficiencies in business are sorted by the market as long as true and open competition exists. Inefficiencies in government run operations are dispersed to all citizens through taxations levels and no one is hurt more by that than the poor. What would you prefer, direct control with your spending or trust a government to direct your spending?

The Greens say that they want power to be ‘as cheap as possible’. Really? That’s a surprising claim because everything about The Greens energy policy will drive up power prices. The Greens like lower power prices the same way John McCain likes less war. Well, now that they’re all for lower prices no doubt the next part of their policy will recommend the removal of the environmental component of the power bill which is 15%. With this one move, they can go a large way to achieving their goal. Another way to reduce costs is to introduce privatisation to the generator market which was so successful in Victoria in the 90’s. The retailing component is actually one of the smallest parts of the overall power bill with generation, distribution and environmental requirements all being larger. The most sure-fire way of reducing costs is competition in power generation and removal of the unnecessary components. If the goal of this policy is to provide power as cheaply as possible, why focus on the only part that actually has competition in it?

Unlike the policy itself, the answer to this is what’s actually simple about this whole policy. It’s because it’s the part of the process that’s visible to all consumers, we all see our bill every quarter, pay our money and perhaps wish it were lower. It’s easy to point to a ‘greedy company’ or an evil CEO and blame them. Pointing to an expensive union maintained transmission and distribution system just doesn’t compute. Looking at state-owned power generation systems and suggesting ways this can be done cheaper really doesn’t sink in. The general population generally don’t see these components or think about them and Australians as a whole don’t take day trips out to the power station for a picnic. No. It’s far easier to throw out scary numbers like, ‘$7.2B in profits’ or ‘CEO paid $6.9M’, ‘21,000 customers have had their power cut off’. This allows a policy of emotion and victimhood, not facts and real outcomes. It directs your gaze to a future utopia that The Greens can create if only they were running things.

Pointing at the competitive retailing component and recommending its elimination is like recommending that we only have one grocery retailer and nationalising it. Imagine what would happen to food prices and availability if one government-run supermarket were the only supplier of food? Now, where have I seen that before?

Another classic Marxist element of the presentation is the inclusion of the ever-present victim which is so essential to the left’s ongoing narrative. 21,000 households that had their power cut off last year. There is no mention of why. Some will no doubt turn out to be legitimate hardship cases and some will be delinquency. Chucking out a victim number doesn’t justify a policy but it does evoke emotion and it does give cover to government intervention. This is a key indicator of the future direction their policies will take because there is no end of victims that need saving and there is no end of wrongs that need righting. For anyone who’s tempted to dismiss this as a fringe idea that won’t have any effect because they’ll never be in power, think again. Labor will likely shift their policy position to try and capture the Greens vote and if that means economic lunacy, then so be it. There is also a real possibility of one or more Greens MP’s in the Queensland Parliament after the next state election. If their vote(s) were required to form government then anything would be on the table.

In conclusion, governments the world over claim they can do all sorts of fantastic things, such as control the world’s temperature, protect everyone’s emotions, govern everyone’s speech and bring universal happiness. In the world of reality where we all live, of course, governments can’t even do something as simple as balancing a budget. Listening to policies from The Greens is a bit like listening to music on the radio these days. It all sounds the same. The themes, the subject matter, the beat, even the look. He reason is that it’s the same worldview and ideology animating the writers, performers and producers. The ideology that runs through The Greens is the ideology of Marx and every policy they produce will reflect this no matter how much they dress it up. With them it seems like it’s impossible to have the green without the red.

Stephen Cable is a writer at LibertyWorks. He has an intense interest in the ideological contest between freedom and control that dominates our social and political discourse. Stephen strongly believes in free market systems, freedom of speech and smaller government. His article was also published concurrently by Online Opinion.

Stephen Cable

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  1. Spot on Stephen Cable. I love your forthright insights. The Greens are clueless.

  2. The truly scary thing is that there is a sizable and increasing number of Australian voters buying Greens/Labor neo-communist propaganda in spite of history’s littered highway of failed socialist/fascist states including the most recent basket case of Greens/Marxist ideologies in Venezuela. History repeats especially when lazy opportunist bullies, semi-educated fools and narcissistic talentless wannabes are running the show. Individual liberty, happiness and prosperity are doomed

    • Eloquently described. Hope we’re not doomed though, surely we can pull back from the edge? Although, as you say, history is no pointer to success…

  3. My latest house will be my last one in Qld if this electricity madness continues. My power bill was less than sixty bucks for three months with a pensioner discount at my home in Thornlands. I sold up and looked around for a new home gave Cairns a once over and ended up buying a Villa at Morayfield. Much to my surprise my bill was 240 bucks for three months, just running a fridge and a hot water heater and fans. This change took place over 1 year. I have bought a house in East Morayfield and are yet to hook up the power. I use the fridge and the hot water at the villa. No need for two bills. The Villa Is on the market.

  4. Greens are brainless twats!

  5. Try telling this too far too many people these days. Don Hyland put it very well.
    According to these growing number of idiots Marx got it right and Socialism is the creme de la creme of political systems.
    I had one guy two days ago trying to tell me that Socialism is all about equality of opportunity and that Marx got a number of things right. The short memories in the West absolutely stagger me at times…

  6. I think power and water and public transport should always stay in state control ! Once things get sold off prices soar most of the time !!!

  7. The greens a are gone good by richard

  8. This just makes it more appealing where’s the downside?

    • Talk to people who lived socialism, if you don’t have enough brains to figure it out.

    • North Korea calls itself democratic doesn’t make it democratic. Taking a few bad examples of a complex theory that’s been butchered and bastardised by personal ideology doesn’t directly correlate to the inhumanity and failings of that system

    • You have to ask yourself why socialism has been ‘butchered and bastardised by personal ideology’ the very many times it has been. Perhaps it’s because it ignores human nature and the fact that in any centrally planned system, a very few get to make all the decisions for the many. These few do not have the local knowledge required to make the best decisions, and it removes the vital information inherent in market prices that inform production. In every instance of socialist governance, people are worse off than those living in a (flawed) market economy.

    • Human nature is a product of its environment it’s not inherently greedy so your argument is immediately void

    • What is a good example? Also, human nature is a product of genetics and environment. To dismiss the whole statement based on half truth is the way of socialism. You did it.

  9. Electricity was run by the government, then howard didn’t maintain the system, ran it down and sold it to big business in a fire sale… it’s the lnp way…

    • Are there any examples where privatization has bought prices down?

    • Yes. In Victoria in the 90’s power generation was privatised. Costs went down and reliability went up. There is a link in the article to this. Let me know if you can’t access it. If prices rise when there is effective competition and all other factors are equal then there is generally a failure of regulation and oftentimes there is elements of crony capitalism involved.

    • If the market was actually opened to competition, and various idiotic impediments and subsidies removed, we’d have the cheapest energy in the world. Don’t let facts interfere with your dogma.

  10. Which is worse? Marxism or Mcarthyism?

    • There’s more than two choices.

    • oh you want to write a reds under the bed hit piece then complain about nuance…

    • Obviously you’re red all over.

    • They tend to come as a package now, viz the HRC.

    • Yeah you’d hate for human rights to get in the way your LIBERTY!

    • Mcarthy was proven correct if you troubled to actually look up your History. As were the ex-Soviets and the FBI who gave him the information.
      He was proven correct after the fall of the USSR yet still remains villified in todays leftist media and “education”.

    • Libertarian: “Mcarthy was proven correct!”

    • Phillip Kadaoui you like Marxism then, thanks for clarifying…

    • So by the same “logic” then @libertyworks supports the work of Joseph McCarthy?

    • Phillip Kadaoui no, you have chosen from your two choices… we reject both. No doubt you find that confusing.

    • Your entire post is McCarthyism. Your entire case against the greens is that they are “Marxists”. Now doubling up by accusing me. Does LibertyWorks support public schools? Hospitals?

    • Let me summarize: if against Greens-agains hospitals and schools.
      If Greens are seen as Marxist- you are McCarthyan
      I’ll give you a third option:
      you’re an idiot with agenda.

    • protip: “?” indicates a question.

    • Another protip: Marxism is a very specific dogma. Just because you “see” something that way, doesn’t make it so.

    • Given their abject failure in both fields why would anyone support public schools and hospitals? Or pretty much anything else these inverse Midas put their paws on. And the greens are Marxists, and unfortunately not Harpo, as they never STFU.

    • Libertarian Paul : “Why would anyone support public schools or hospitals”. Let me guess, tax is theft?

    • So Libertarian is a dirty word? And before you ask no I am not one. But I would certainly rate Libertarianism over any leftist dogmatic utopian fantasy any day Socialist Philip.
      On Mcarthy look up Venona. Also Alger Hiss.
      Oh and as for the public schools etc. this really gets old. Goes something like this: Socialism failed last time- but it will work this time. Socialism failed last time- but it will work this time. Socialism failed last time….
      Or is it your contention Venezuela is in the state it’s in because of free markets? Or that Sweden is practically finished as a Country because of those evil Capitalist pricks?

  11. Opportunist bullies, semi educated fools and narcissistic talentless wannabes are the people running the show right now. Corporations have the politicians in their pockets and why they hate the greens is because the greens promote self sufficiency. The more individuals make themselves self sufficient the less they need politicians or corporations interfering in their lives, if at all. And thats what the politicians and corporations fear the most. It’s called freedom x.

    • Crony capitalism is rife, but no more so than in the green energy caper. Green energy is dominated by corporations who’s entire business model relies on producing expensive energy funded by taxpayer subsidies. If you hate corporations greasing politicians wheels, you should hate the green energy racket.

    • Well I hate them all actually and politics will never be clean in this country until all forms of political ‘ donations’ is made illegal with long term jail sentances. But that aside renewable energy is the future, those who don’t think this are stuck in the past and deny science and it is the denial of science which is the most dangerous to our democracy

    • We’re not against renewables, we’re against the crony capitalism, subsidies and special treatment that costs taxpayers dearly.

    • Then you can’t single out the greens if that is your agenda.

    • If you have a look at our website you’ll see that we about much more than critiquing the Greens. This is just one article.

  12. finally, somebody makes the connection; and this actually includes all climate change believers!

  13. BULLSHIT Andrew; they are nothing short of useless idiots brainwashed into believing what the new world order wants them to believe! Communism and their fellow travellers the leftist (socialists) have always cried ‘Freedom’ as part of their propaganda!

  14. how’s that free market working for our gas supply and prices?

  15. Greens are just new age communists

  16. No shit, sherlock. Slightly less obvious than Malcolm Turnbull’s affectations and character flaws.

  17. The elections are all controlled through preferential voting, branch stacking, and factional manoeuvring. All the major parties are bought and paid for by multinational corporations, that each make huge donations to each major party to ensure their allegiance. In other words it does not matter who you vote for because large corporate interests own and control all the major candidates/parties!!

  18. Dear me, what a dill you are. No energy crisis till privatised! Maybe you are just too dumb or biased to look at the Enron fiasco and the maybe their pitiful CEOs caused. Yes, you are a dill!

  19. really no energy crisis until the greens invented the climate chaneg hoax -then al (gore your pocket) could ride his horse of saving the world to your mess that is only getting worse because we listen and some vote for the green labor dudes

  20. The Greens are pure evil

  21. The power usage is ok , the rest of the bogus charges are totally unreasonable ! Who else charges GST on a service fee ? How is this possible ?

  22. Remember how we were all promised cheaper power bills if only we would sell off our state owned power resources. Yeah that went well didn’t it. Free markets only work when there’s choice. Where I live there’s only 1 power company so they can charge what they like and do. At least when they were state owned I could complain to my local member and ultimately vote them out if I wasn’t happy. Be nice if I could vote out the evil CEO

  23. The truth of the matter is,dear people.Private companies don’t do any maintenance on their networks for maximum profit.(bonuses for CEO board members and shareholders)First little disaster,major breakdowns,which costs mega Dollars.Therefore price hikes.

    • “Private companies don’t do any maintenance on their networks for maximum profit.”

      Private companies generally operate in their own best interest in order to maximise profit. Letting their assets devalue is not in their best interest.

    • Speaking of CEO and board members,making money in3 years is their interest.

    • It’s foolish to suggest that CEOs would purposefully run down business assets to make a quick buck. CEOs get paid well to ensure that business continues to do well which includes maintaining their assets.

      How motivated is a government owned and run monopoly provider to increase productivity and reduce prices when the operation will continue to operate no matter how bad a service they provide? You forget: the profit motive and competition is good for the consumer.

    • That’s why the Chinese are kicking our arses.We are looking 3 years ahead,they’re looking 50 years to the future.

  24. I am no great fan of the Greens, given their propensity to make deals with the Coalition, but give LibertyWorks a very wide berth. They are so-called ‘libertarians’, whose philosophy is that business should be free to do whatever it damned well wants, without regulation. Taking liberties at the expense of the people.

    • There should be regulation to ensure true competion. Regulations that start to tinker with where you chose to direct your dollar is one area where things start to get twisted. The government’s role (in any industry where its involvement is justified) is to make all players follow the rules and prevent crony capitalism.

    • “They are so-called ‘libertarians’, whose philosophy is that business should be free to do whatever it damned well wants, without regulation.”

      We campaign to ‘dramatically reduce’ government intervention, not remove it all together. Check your facts before you make unfounded accusations.

    • LibertyWorks You campaign for the interests of your constituents, not in the public interest. I am not fooled. I have spoken to many of your ilk down the years who, in their most unguarded moments, have said precisely what I articulated in my posting. You may or may not agree, but do not have the temerity to talk down to me. Do not bother to reply, as I have no intention of engaging in further pointless badinage with you.

    • ‘Constituents’? We’re not a political party. We most definitely campaign though for individual rights which is in the public interest.

      What you are saying is ‘I will make baseless accusations about your intentions but will then drop the ball and run home and not listen to your reply.’

    • ‘Constituents’ in a general, not political, sense. I am well aware that you are not a political party.

  25. If self sufficiency consists of cooking a vegan meal over a dung fire, please excuse me

  26. The Greens are Reds dressed up as UN puppets.

  27. Red ( mr brown ) Green oh my how the caller changes From the pit of hell !!!

  28. Sad some people think this way, anyone who doesn’t agree with their ethos , they resort to denigration.. I’m no “Greenie” , however I think they have a right to express their views & opinions without being insulted..

  29. Greens should be banned from Australian political arena.

  30. The Greens and Leftards… Sing… Candles in the Cupboard!

  31. To Hell with everything Marxist, liberal, left and socialist. Fascists believe in putting their own country above all others. As for the idiot ‘red’ Greens, shut them down and remove them from the Australian political sphere.

  32. As usual I only come here to read the comments. I didn’t read the article. People have accused me of being “so adult” or refer to me as “the sensible one.”
    As Kermit said, “it’s not easy being green.” He was right because very few people if any are.

  33. I’m not a Green voter , but I have to say that I prefer them in society than the bully , Redneck Conservative loudmouths that seem to be everwhere propagating hate & illogical fear .

  34. Oh please; The Greens are lunatics.They are a disgraceful joke



  37. Wake up . everything is controlled you have no only think you have..

  38. This is great satire guys! You really had me. Getting energy from free sources making power prices go up, hahaha good one.

  39. No that statement is propaganda by the coal and Oil Money!

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