Hazlewood Power Out, Prices Up, Jobs Gone

The climate change movement and green activists have claimed another victory in their war on carbon, electricity and industry. A victory which of course is at the expense of the rest of us in terms of a higher cost of living and more unemployment. This is the impending closure of one of Victoria’s largest coal fired power stations at Hazelwood in the state’s Latrobe Valley region. The carbon tax may be long gone but the push for more expensive renewable energy hasn’t stopped, it has just shifted to other policies.

It appears clear that the Andrews Labor Government in Victoria has refused to learn anything from South Australia’s experiment with heavy reliance on renewable energy. That reliance on renewables results in them having to import coal fired power from Victoria which was a major factor in the state-wide blackout last month. The state already has one of the highest electricity prices in the world. But no Andrews sees no problem, he is eager to remain on the green bandwagon and be patted on the back from activists by implementing a clean greener future. Victoria has a renewable energy target of 25% by 2020 and then up to 40% by 2025 which is predicted to increase electricity prices by up to $30 per year.

It should be no surprise then that the coal fired Hazelwood power station would be the victim of these government policies. It was not just the renewable energy target which led to the near certain decision of the French Engie which owns the station to close it. It was also the policy of their own government in France to encourage energy companies to exit coal investments and switch to renewables. It is also because it was impossible for the company to finance any extra investment in the station as most big banks in western countries now have a policy of not lending money for coal investment thanks to lobbying from the green activists.

This perfect storm of government interventions in the energy market and the success of lobbyists in demonising investments in coal is bad news for Victorians. Hazelwood supplies Victoria with 20% of its energy needs and it is estimated that electricity prices will soar by 25%. It will also mean that up to 1000 people will lose their jobs in the Latrobe Valley which could have ripple effects throughout the area which already has an unemployment rate of 19%. Experts have said that we shouldn’t experience blackouts in Victoria because we will just be able to import coal fired energy from News South Wales. What will happen when News South Wales then starts closing down its coal fired power stations? It appears bizarre reasoning that we in Victoria can’t use coal fired power but it is okay for other states to use it and import it here. Isn’t coal always meant to be bad? Of course this assurance that blackouts won’t happen demonstrates how unreliable renewable energy is in delivering electricity in a world where access to it is essential.

We should not be having this energy crises in Australia, it is an entirely self-inflicted phenomena because of blind adherence to the new climate change faith. Australia has some of the world’s biggest coal reserves and also uranium deposits yet we are making electricity prices much higher than normal market conditions would have them. It is always low income earners who suffer in switching to less efficient renewable energy as climate activists are normally wealthier and can absorb the increase in cost but the less well-off have to go without heating or cooling during times of the year when it is needed. It also makes our local industries and businesses less competitive in a global marketplace when high electricity prices increase production costs which contributes to many companies moving operations offshore. Plus these 1000 people need not lose their jobs either as in a truly free market their jobs would be in demand.

Despite that the fact that we will see our cost of living increase through the closure of this power station, both sides of politics are sitting back and letting it happen with Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg doing nothing to prevent this closure. Premier Daniel Andrews has tried to placate fears about the destruction of the economy in the area by personally heading a taskforce to attract new business to the Latrobe Valley, in other words he is going to fix a problem he created. The biggest indictment in this sad sage is that of the unions with CFMEU happy to see the station’s closure as long as it is staged and believes workers can be redeployed in rehabilitating the area. You would think a union would fight to the death to make sure its members don’t lose their jobs but they are happy to sell them out to their mates in the Labor Party who have completely committed to the climate change program.

The embrace of these economically destructive policies won’t be reversed unless the people make their voices heard. Vote in politicians who will question the climate change faith and question leaders who want to make the cost of everything more expensive. We are living in a world of abundant resources, we need to stop this attack on industry, development and economic progress by regressive green ideologues.


Tim Wilms is a guest writer for LibertyWorks. This article also appears on Tim’s blog The Unshackled.

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  1. You do know it was going to be decommissioned years ago, right?…

  2. pathetic decision controlled by do gooders

  3. When will these complete nutters realise that this climate control is a HOAX,damn you stupid lot.

  4. good now to find jobs for those retrenched

  5. wonderful news for us all.

  6. Its usefull life was over, even with the worlds highest power prices they will not fix it. Not enought extreme profits

  7. Why are all the global warming pushers buying up in the coal market ?

  8. They won’t be happy until they have taken us back to the dark ages.

  9. Premier Dan wasted $1.3 billion not building east-west link that will be built later to relieve traffic jams. Now he can’t help the valley as he has v little money. Not enough sun for solar farm. Geothermal energy-questionable.. Time to farewell that valley and pay about 25% power price increase. Victoria cannot sell power to Tassie or South Aus… If Dan knew about this a long time why didnt he announce new industries today– well he knew there was nothing in Latrobe valley to back. Sack Dan now

  10. Labor / Greens out of control will destroy our economy. Idiots in love with fanciful nice ideas.

  11. I can not believe how entrenched this society is on 19th century technology. This is the 21st century we should be focussing on 21st century technology. This argument was run in the 1980’s when computers started coming into the workplace – “people will lose their jobs” “we won’t need typists any more” ‘people will starve” – Any body out there ready to give up there smart technology which has CREATED many more jobs than it made redundant. Different jobs its true and SOME people did lose their jobs and did struggle and this is what will happen whenever we have new technology. If Greenies and Labor are wrong what has happened? We have new more sustainable technology and a cleaner environment. If YOU are wrong we have no inhabitable earth. I know which side I will be backing.

  12. No prices not up. Gas drives prices in export con. Agreed must get community health improved and remove threat. Liberals lack credible energy strategy especially letting down regional Aussies who deserve better. If business can see #strandedassets why can’t the party of business?

  13. green activist have played into the hands of foreign corporations without realising what they have done

  14. just another part of the puzzel according to this ,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9aHC2tSmRM

  15. Well if it’s green it’s mauldy

  16. Well that was a surprise. Won’t need the last to leave to turn off the lights, they won’t work anyway.

  17. Well you voted for it

  18. Meanwhile China keep building coal fired power stations and sell us wind generators and solar panels, we really are dickheads!

  19. You don’t mention to cost of failing to reduce carbon emissions
    And you don’t tell us who is funding LibertyWorks

  20. Actually it was the French company, you know the foreign owned one, who decided to close this power station because it is old, costly to repair to modern standards and unprofitable. No doubt said company will also use it in some form of tax right off in their other ventures but please don’t let such things get in the way of your ignorant myopic views.


  22. Victoria’s Socialist government at work.

  23. This is going to bite us on the ass , stuff you greenies you have to go

  24. People,you need to get used to this.Our Power Stations are ageing & we have nothing planned to fill the void.Lets think about alternate power,time to grow up Victoria.

    • Time to nuclear , someone like to re check these figures , Hazelwood produces 1600 Mws , bird chopping windtowers produce between 2.5 / 3 Mws , therefore it will take between 530 to 640 of these to produce that power and that is only if you have a continual source of wind , you also need a supply of base load power to cover the fluctuations of the bird choppers , Greenies = rocket scientists

  25. Who sold our most vital infrastructure to the French? I would be surprised if there is a single power station in Oz, still owned by Oz 🙁

  26. Australia, the sucker country.
    Greenies asking for green power are the most ill informed idiots in the world, they are completely stupid and have no idea.
    Govts, congratulations on selling our assets and land to overseas countries. Now what the hell does Vic do for electricity. We will have outages now in the summer as we cannot produce enough to cover our needs.
    The power dickheads are now saying we have to import power from SA. Well dickheads, SA had to import power from Vic to meet their needs, they don’t have enough.
    There are wankers in Govt positions.

  27. Good riddance to bad rubbish, with the hottest Global temperatures ever recorded in 12 of of the last 14 years we have already run out of time. Due to this global emergency I am now selling planet earth survival kits for only $25, which make great Christmas presents for your Children and Grandchildren. Hurry as this is only once in a life time limited offer and comes with a no planet replacement garrantee.

  28. Get solar and you won’t have to worry about prices and there could be hundreds of jobs created in renewables if this government would face reality instead of doing what Rupert Murdoch wants.

  29. Time to buy a very good generator. It will be needed when a SA scenario happens here. If solar and wibd were reliable it wouldn’t be necessary but sorry folks that is not the case.

  30. time for your own power plant =850 w portable plus solar run a car alt to keep 12 volt batteries charged ==how much in your home runs on 3-5 volt ? think think research power gained through the day is used for approx. 5hrs in evening ==oh then we have LPG

  31. Coal will always be critical to underpin unreliable renewables.

  32. The French owners are not silly like the WA govt who spent $400mill trying to resurrect an old power station & failed. This is not about green or black / brown energy this is about a worn out power station that’s too expensive to economically fix. Anyone traded / trashed their car because it’s not worth the cost of fixing it?

  33. Seems that it’s worn out & not worth fixing. Economics nothing else as sinister as some seem to think.

  34. Then let union run Labor, and Greens rely on renewable energy in Victoria. They would have have a hide to expect NSW coal fired power to back them up. Wouldn’t they? Let dopey Dan control your power.!!!!!!

    • I found a lib voter still in NSW, thanks Robin, from a state where the citizens aren’t lied to every hour of the day, and jobs are being created by the government, but you have to know what your doing, pity baird doesn’t come up to the quality of the politicians we now have in Vic, libs talk about it, but labor’s the one to carry out the hard work, and delivers to the people. go Dannie boy.

  35. What is the true reason for its closure, it must be well over 50 years old now and steam turbines dont last forever you know,

  36. Their war on ordinary, working families as well. Thanks for nothing, greenies.

  37. Greens are actively working against the interests of Australia and our people to further the political agenda of the UN, that is called treason.

  38. Could you people who support all this crap, can you please tell me how Australia can reduce global emissions.
    Please don’t go on about how we are a large producer per capita because that’s irrelevant
    Just facts on how much we can reduce

  39. The writing was on the wall for Hazelwood over a decade ago and like the wilfully blind everyone pretended “she’ll be right mate”! Now it’s closed all you dopes can do is show mock surprise and fake outrage. What’s next? Compo for telegraphers now these newfangled telephones are in? What about government assistance for ferriers now those horseless carriages are taking over the roads?

  40. Yes, I do seem to remember that. I remember McAuliffes the bakery in Spa Rd.,Always a lovely smell

  41. The labor party sure tends to the needs of workers donm’t they?

  42. the labor party does not represent the worker, they represent the takers, who are not contributing to any of their communities but take, take and take some more. we need someone to represent us workers, any ideas?

  43. No surprises anywhere here, expecting a bankrupt, blacked-out, deeply divided, sexually confused, overcrowded multi ethnic madhouse coming everywhere here soon!

  44. This type of job loss happens all the time to manufacturing industries (and this is one of them) when technologies get out-dated. The problem is not technologies getting out-dated, it is governments, especially coalition governments, with the blinkered ideology of “leave it to the markets” and washing their hands of any responsibility for fostering the development of replacement manufacturing industries in this country.

    As for a supposed increase in power prices, that is just typical LibertyWorks rubbish propaganda. There is massive excess capacity for power generation and the reduction of ouput from Hazelwood will be taken up by increased output from existing black coal-fired power stations at approximately the same cost. The only difference will be a big reduction in the amount of filth pumped into the atmosphere to produce that power.

    If there is any increase in prices then it will be purely due to price gouging by the now largely privately run generation and transmission sector, as it was recently in South Australia. Again, this is a direct result of the blinkered ideological stupidity of governments, particularly coalition governments, that privatise major public infrastructure like this.

  45. Stupid is all I can say …

  46. Pure, unadulterated insanity. The watermelons are now certifiable.

  47. It only takes some common sense to realize.”global warming” is a scam . so they call it climate change . the climate is always changing no matter what . wake up people

  48. Why would any sane person force the closure of a functioning power plant before there was another proven option

    • Neil Maxwell | 05/11/2016 at 1:20 am |

      Because it was no longer profitable?

    • Neil Maxwell perhaps ? but those 600 odd bird choppers that it will take to replace it PART of the time only exist with huge Gov. $$$$ poured in

    • Um Hazelwood is a 1600 mw station. A really good offshore wind turbine will produce 3mw. So your right, we need 600 towers, but that isn’t quite right, that scenario is if all turbines produce maximum output non stop. Wind turbines are 30% efficient, so reality is 2000 towers are required to cover Hazelwood and that still doesn’t give back up for hot dry days with no wind hey.

    • Trevor Elvery I think you missed the word PART in my comment Trevor , you are correct though , the 600 bird choppers would need to be at Max. output 24 / 7 and that won’t be possible unless the rocket scientists work out how to make the wind blow at 30 kph to less than 80 kph 24 / 7

  49. CFMEU, where are you?

  50. Your are a wanker MNN

  51. Joe the CFMEU and the Greens along with the Labor Party all sing from the one hymn sheet , share the same goals , and funded by the same people .

  52. Bad planning or just not caring! This plant is very old and inefficient. It was known back in the early 2000s that it would need to be upgraded or replaced. It is also very carbon intensive, uses megalitres of water daily for cooling and cannot be throttled back if there is too much energy available from other sources. It’s days were numbered and the corporation that runs it has nothing in place for transition to renewable generation with storage they are simply going to shut it down. Corporations are generally very poor at social responsibility, with the bottom line on the balance sheet being all!

    • Well said Rhonda, privately owned facilities in Australia are only there to make that company money. As soo as the profit is not there that company will walk out and leave us screwed.

  53. how stupid can this state become we need hazlewood until we have another solution for energy supplied from victoria

  54. wanking greenies

  55. Smart guy that Daniel Andrews ,another idiot that wants to see his State go broke, and only a few jobs left.

  56. Thanks to wage demands and Green Slime

  57. Bloody do gooders should get their facts right before protesting, the greens are just a bunch of egotistical idiots, THERE IS NO CLIMATE CHANGE, there is evolution, but NO CLIMATE CHANGE.

  58. Price would go up if they updated it anyway.

  59. Get this POWER STATION back up & running u idiots….

  60. ha just another lair off labor to win votes once in screw u

  61. they will bludge on another generator on the grid to provide the base load that Hazelwood formerly proviced.

  62. Do we have another generator to pick up that, 1600 mw. We don’t have that ability. What about that wanker who said we will import power from S.A, does the wanker realise S.A doesn’t produce enough power and import from Vic.
    Australia really is a dumb arse country.

  63. Keep farting the wind will keep blowing

  64. From all accounts this power station supplies 20% of Victoria’s power. It, like any utility service owned by Australians should NEVER be privatised. Are you reading this Mr.Baird? If the French Co. doesn’t want to continue operating, use the millions of dollars that both the Vic. and Fed. govt claim they are going to give to the redundant employees to buy it back and continue operating for a suitable closing. Please don’t spruik about emissions, Australia’s contribution to Co2 emissions are infinitesimal.

  65. It’s closing because the Government is no longer spending millions of tax payer dollars to subsidise “cheap” fossil fuel power plants.

  66. Thanks to the greens party and the supporters of the climate change hoax. The lot of you need to be hung high.

  67. Victoria is closing down a cheap source of energy which will, without doubt, increase the cost of living for all consumers. The costs for the Greens ideology will be paid for by those who can least afford it. But I am told it will help save the planet. At the same time other Australian states are issuing permits to open up new coal mines, or extend existing mines, so we can export dirt cheap coal to other countries. Am I missing something here? Have we handed the asylum over to the inmates. Wake up Australia, that hot air on the back of your neck, is not the north wind.

  68. Get your head out of your arse Neal Kent

  69. What the f is Turnbull doing about this? Nothing I suppose like everything he dosent do that the majority of Aussies want.

  70. I don’t agree with the main thesis of this article.

  71. So the alp greens coalition policy is turnbull’s fault now. Wow

  72. Not sure you can blame Mr. Turnbull for this,Look at the Victorian State Gov. & you might get the answer

    • Also the union movement- power workers $45/ he and 22% super- check the eba- therein lies the answer as to why! Privatise to reduce waste, improve efficiency and rid ourselves of the high cost union influence

    • The audacity of workers wanting $45 per hour when some struggling Drs or dentists only recieve $175 per hour, or financial advisors $500 and hour, barristers $500 an hour, Not certain what the hourly rate for a backbencher is but probably quite high. As for privatisation the only ones to benefit are shareholders, prices and charges never diminish.

  73. All these Green bastards.

  74. do not blame the greens .blame the federal government for not doing anything to get rid of dirty energy and having clean energy and blame greedy power companys for ripping poff there customers .and the ceos for demanding millionm dollar saleries .total grerdiness .they should be ashamed of thereselves

    • Electricity from coal is not dirty. Electricity from wind or solar is not clean. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. You, like so many other sheeple, are ignorant and you are backing the wrong horse.

  75. We were told at the time of the SA blackout that the first priority of a government must to maintain a constant supply of cheap electricity. Then why privatize electricity? If the greens are bastards, then those bastards are French green bastards, because this decision was made in France for the interests of French shareholders. The old plant need high maintenance and upgrading, and the French company simply took a commercial decision. Essential services, like power, public transport, and water are all far too important to be made on commercial considerations alone. We need to protect our own national interests and Australian jobs. It is the poor taxpayer who pays retraining and income support costs, so in the longer term any money gained from flogging off government assets needs to be spent many times over.

  76. Good. Fkn filthy fkn plant. Ya all knew the day was coming and yet you did nothing to get retrained or had another idea as to what to do next.
    Good riddance to that pig polluting factory

    • Firstly I’d shut down Bobs water supply, off with his sewage connection no more garbage service and definitely no more yard maintenance because he’s bulging off dirty energy. Show us all bob don’t bulge off dirty energy go green.

    • whatever Jeffery. Go collect your welfare cheque.
      I pay my rates and taxes buddy. I also looked just a little bit into the future not long ago and got some solar. No worries.
      It’s nimrods like you that will keep us on the dark ages. Are you religious, they tend to have s real disconnect with the reality

    • Ha ha your bluging off dirty energy, clean up your act bobby.

    • I do every day Jeffery in every way that I can.
      I use the equivalent of 70.00 a month of electricity, I ride my bike as much as possible which is quite a bit. I have a veggie garden that produces about half my yearly produce, my house is built with about half recycled materials, that includes bent nails.
      I divested from dirty companies 5 years ago, green only. Which, btw, are doing fantastic
      The list goes on, if like I can put together a list of things you could do to lower your carbon footprint.

    • Jeffrey, it’s Bludging, not bluging…sigh…

  77. Soon Daniels out too.

  78. has nothing to do with climate change the owners deemed it not viable because they were not making as much money out of it as they used to so they are closing it kennet has a lot to answer for for privatizing the electricity supply

  79. it would be staying open if it was still owned by the govt

  80. dopey andrews the slob will never recover from this .He is a dog of the worst kind .Then we will have a real crook into power GUY the ex minister for building planning kickbacks he is that dirty and bent its not funny

  81. Peter I thought you were a scientist.

  82. We have the technology to clean up the flue gas. We can make CO2 and in the process burn off the benzine and hydroflourocarbons . CO2 is increasing in demand . I don’t understand why R-D money isn’t channelled this way as we have a FANTASTIC coal resource!

  83. It’s the new, shiney Green Labor way. So much excitement…

  84. Well done to the ALP and the Greens. Why people vote for these job destroyers I do not know.

  85. The bottom line is Victorians have zero say in what happens because Kennett sold off everything he could get his hands on. Although politicians claim budget reasons the end result is always the same, the small person in ALWAYS worse off. How many people think the banks are better with the Commonwealth in private hands? How many people think telecommunications are better with Telstra (Telecom) private? How many think they are better off with electricity and gas private?

    • No short memory here. Kennett had to sell infrastructure due to the mess Labour left the state in. What about Andrews with the ports and with the greens forcing the closure of Hazlewood. Just wait till power goes up 30% and the blackouts occurs every hot day. Can’t wait.

    • Shane Hart – This is not just a Liberal hit, Labor started the process of selling Telstra. And Kennett didn’t HAVE to sell anything, that was just the easiest way. It’s just that once things are sold they are gone and the next time you “need” money for whatever you are stuffed if there is nothing left to sell and you have no other plans. And the end result of any privatisation is the customer is pretty much always worse off.

  86. Yes and all for what , just to appease this climate change hoax , the left and the greens are going to destroy this country , I’m so glad the greens are falling apart now

    • Oyster farmers and fishermen are some of the best climate change scientists because they are on the front line and to deal with the changing climate or go out of business, due to the effects of aocean acidification and coral bleaching. If you are having trouble understanding the science, Phone Hog Bay Oyster Farms in California and tell them climate change is not real.

    • Well recent geo studies find the planets temps haven’t changed at all from the 16 th century , it warms up and cools down as the planet always has bit on the average the temps haven’t changed at all

  87. The poxy Greens are happy

  88. Real blood smart you dumb ass politicians. We need a clean out of these parasite that are destroying Australia with these stupid left wing agenda. Fools


  90. Shame on Greens and Those who caused this!!!!

    • The Greens had nothing to do with this, it was a business decision on ailing and old infrastructure. The private owners weighed their options and decided it was just too costly to continue to operate this plant. Not the Greens, not Labor, not even the Liberals had any say.

  91. Closing Hazelwood is a disgrace. We can expect black or brown outs this summer.

  92. Just lije our bsnks that we owned till we were told privatization would be good yeah right for the bloody shareholders not the people that owned it not the bloody govt . I guess whats new they all need putting in jail for treason the lot ofem

  93. Hate the greens

  94. yep lair’s like labor union’s thugs

  95. Your children will thank them.

  96. more people out of work and prices rising ,,,,great job greenie idiots

  97. Haha that’s the Dan Andrews government working for you Victorians!

  98. I did a year’s engineering training as an Electrical Engineer at Hazelwood Power Station in 1973. During that year I give my life to Jesus Christ at Neerim South as part of a Morwell Methodist Church Youth Camp and the Charismatic Revival swept through Gippsland for the next ten years. My Dad had said, I could not be a Christian until I was aged 21, since he was a Freemason. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ my Dad got saved on his death bed in 2014. He also had worked at Hazelwood Power Station for a short while as a Senior Technical Spares Officer.

  99. I thought Libertyworks would support a business decision, founded in economic realities.

  100. You can’t really blame the Greens. Anyone with half a brain knows that these people are completely stupid. Quite what sort of a world they want to live in is anyone’s guess. However, they only have the power they do because about 10 p c of voters are just as completely stupid as they are.

  101. This is typical of our media placing the blame where there political a big business masters want it instead of where it belongs . This is what happens when you PRIVATIZE CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE it becomes a business & therefore at the mercy of economic based businesses decisions often by foreign owners with no stake in our wellbeing . Renewables are not to blame & infact could provide the lost jobs if it wasnt for the LIBERALS deliberately to derail renewable technology and investment at every opportunity.

  102. You will pay a huge price for this ,,,,,,Politicians on $252,000 a year and a full pension for life can pay their power bills very easy ,,at $5,000 a week which after all it is tax payers money they receive ,,but it is the poor old battler that will get slammed in the hip pocket ,,THIS COUNTRY IS LIVING OFF IT’S GRANDFATHERS SAVINGS ,,

  103. China is building new power stations burning our high quality cheap coal ,,we are closing them down our power station ,,go figer

  104. throw the money at this instead of the UN AND EU would be a better idea wouldnt it the retarded government

  105. Bloody good riddance to coal fired power stations, Oyster farmers, fishermen, reef dive and fishing tourist operators are some of the world’s most knowledgeble and practical climate change scientists who are on the front line having deal with the rapidly changing climate and its effects such as ocean acidification and coral bleaching. If you silly people, are having trouble understanding the science, – Phone John who runs Hog Island Oyster Farms: 415 663 9218 (258) or email him on [email protected]
    and tell them climate change is not real.

  106. I have never seen such a load of ill-informed rubbish. What are you people talking about? The Hazelwood plant is privately owned, it is old, and the owners don’t want to spend the money maintaining it because they won’t get that money back. It has nothing to do with government policy or “greenies”.

  107. Victoria is in for blackouts next and the cost of electricity in that state will soar (I think 25% increase is a modest estimate). So called “renewables” cannot and will not supply base load power. When peak load hits – down goes the whole grid, as happened in South Australia! The failure there occurred BEFORE state transmission lines came down – they won’t tell you that! 11,000 South Australians can’t pay their electricity bills (the most expensive in Australia as they have financed more government-subsidised renewables than any other state). These customers have either had supply cut off or have been made to participate in “debt consolidation schemes” from which they may never financially recover.

  108. What a preposterous beat up. Hazelwood was old, dirty and privately owned. Where was your outrage about the 13,000 public savants left out of work by the Abbott/Hockey government? Your advocacy of carbon intensive energy production displays a disregard for the wellbeing of much of the world.

  109. Our roundabout political leader over the last 10 year’s and many sell off and lease’s have their finger print on this demise of our Australia. This wave of change has picked up speed and the big end of this mess will be pushing for vote’s in all the up and coming Election’s. In the next decade we will actually have people that listen, And with the now Political Gravy train routing our money, Labor & Liberal will be pushing to form any government in their own right. This is my opinion only. We need to get out of the U.N. another lot of oxygen theieve’s with our money No Value at all.

  110. You can not phase renewables in overnight.You will need reliable storage and backup power supply which at the moment is supplied by coal…or sit in the dark at extremely high cost..as explained to me by 12 year old girl.

  111. Don’t believe it, renewables WILL NOT increase the cost of electricity. Reliance on solar and wind was not the cause of SA power black out – the weather knocked out the power transmission lines, and all the fossil fuelled power generation in the country could not have prevented the blackout. Do some research instead of believing the major fossil fuel lobby and biased reporting!

    • Yes the wind knocked over old and rusty pylons and because of the way the set up is, the inter connector could not handle the sudden surge in demand but had the SA government built the NSW connector when advised we would have had sufficient supply but they didn’t.

  112. Scaremongering opportunists. The analysts confirm little detectable household increase. Especially with export gas now driving local prices higher and higher. The real issue is why the blind anti green rhetoric of recent Liberal years poisons meaningful strategy to transform jobs and re-skill. At least locals are thankful for better future health and reduced risk from fires.

  113. Mob of numbskull wankers……….

  114. & no one knew!

  115. As the owners Engie said “Besides, Hazelwood power station has been operating in difficult market conditions, with lower electricity prices and a surplus of electricity supply in Victoria State.” The fact is that this is a commercial decision made by a private company. Why is the truth so hard for you far right extremist Luddites? Why do you have to use a free market decision to smear those you hate? If you really were libertarians (instead of the paid stooges of the fossil fuel industry) you would support a free market decision made for commercial reasons. http://www.engie.com/en/journalists/press-releases/hazelwood-power-station-australia/

  116. Now wait for the black outs.

  117. When will you idiots realize these power plants are a thing of the past. The rest of the world get it and are moving rapidly to 100 per cent renewables. It’s time that the few over paid jobs and massive profit of the coal industry took second place to the future of our planet.

  118. You somehow edited this out of my last post on this subject, so here we go again……As for the green groups – the bright eyed, bushy tailed (mostly) young kids at the front line with stars in their eyes would not be aware of this – but here are their ultimate objectives:
    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations
    collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”
    – Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environment Programme
    “Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control.”
    – Professor Maurice King
    The only hope for the world is to make sure there is not another United States. We can’t let other countries have the same number of cars, the amount of industrialization, we have in the US. We have to stop these Third World countries right where they are.”
    – Michael Oppenheimer, Environmental Defence Fund
    “Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class –
    involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, air-conditioning, and suburban housing – are not sustainable.”
    – Maurice Strong, Rio Earth Summit
    “The prospect of cheap fusion energy is the worst thing that could happen to the planet.”
    – Jeremy Rifkin, Greenhouse Crisis Foundation
    “Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the equivalent of giving an idiot
    child a machine gun.”
    – Prof Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University

  119. bloody well said ,mate


    FACE !!!!
    Service to property CHARGES.
    Exhorbitant charges for
    This is only a couple of things that privatisation has added to


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