Human Rights Commission delenda est.

The 2nd Century BC Roman senator Cato the Elder would end every speech with, ‘Carthago Delenda est.’. Its english translation is, ‘furthermore Carthage must be destroyed’. Rome had defeated Carthage in the two previous Punic Wars, but, both times Carthage quickly rebuilt its strength and continued to pose a threat to Rome. Plutarch wrote that, “Cato the Elder one time famously drop a Libyan fig in the Senate, as he shook out the folds of his toga, and then, as the senators admired its size and beauty, said that the country where it grew was only three days sail from Rome.” Cato the Elder’s campaign eventually lead to Rome destroying Carthage for the last and final time and as myth would have it salting the ground so nothing would grow there ever again.

Liberty loving Australians have been fighting their own war against a tyrannical empire of sorts – the Australian Human Right Commission. First there was the Bolt case, then the QUT students and now Bill Leak. Leading the AHRC in its war against free speech has been Gillian Triggs riding on the back of her war elephant – stomping on our freedom. Of course instead of a literal war elephant Trigg’s weapon of choice is 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act and the Human Rights Commission’s dubious complaints process.

Gillian Triggs once indomitable now looks defeated after the Prime Minister has publicly stated that her contract as Human Right Commission President will not be renewed. With Gillian Triggs on her way out and 18c likely to be amended many want to hang up their gladius and pilum and relax. But, my fellow soldiers, now is not the time to return to your field and start a life of farming. The Human Rights Commission must be destroyed (Or at least significantly reformed).

Much of what the Human Rights Commission does is confidential. So therefore we don’t know the details of what goes in most cases. We do know that in the last six years there has been over 800 complaints covered by 18c, of those 3% went to court. We also know that in the QUT case, basic procedural fairness was not provided. We’ve had examples of the students being given 3 days notice before being required to appear before the commission. We also know that in one case, one of the students was contacted via Linkedin by the complainants lawyer and this was the first time that student learned that he had a complaint made against him. Another fact from that case was that some of the students settled their claim by paying $5000 each to the complainant. A credible source has contacted LibertyWorks informing us that these kinds of payments are common. Greater transparency by the Human Rights Commission would either substantiate or disprove that fact.

We also know that Human Rights Commission has gone beyond its role as a fair arbitrator of complaints and instead has actively encouraged complaints, as Racial Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane did this in the Bill Leak case. To put this into perspective this would be like a judge encouraging litigation and then judging the case. Another fact is that free speech is also meant to be one of the human rights protected (or in AHRC double-speak, ‘balanced’) by the commission. In the Leak, Bolt, and QUT case free speech was balanced out of existence.

So with the knowledge we do have, we know that the Australian Human Rights Commission has failed to act impartially, is procedurally incompetent and refuses to defend free speech. It would be a grave mistake for people to see the replacement of Gillian Triggs as being an end in itself. The Human Rights Commission needs to be abolished. It has become a cabal for left-leaning human rights lawyers and special interests groups. Where are all its improvements in the rights of Australians? Where is improved access to employment and services for Aboriginal Australians, or the end of sex discrimination for women or more equality of opportunity for the disabled?

Laws such as 18c don’t work, they don’t change what’s in people’s hearts and minds – only free speech does that. As we saw in the QUT case, these laws make great weapons for vexatious claimants, but don’t really help people in need. How many Aboriginal Australians may now miss out on employment because potential employers fear a QUT type scenario? Does the possibility of being dragged before an anti-discrimination board make one more or less likely to deal with a marginalised group?

Change isn’t going to come from commissioners on 400k salaries. It won’t come from armies of bureaucrats investigating cases of alleged discrimination. It will come from the ground up, from people like Warren Mundine who are doing good work in the real community. It will come from conversations between thousands of normal everyday people about these important issues. Bodies like the Human Rights Commission only make things worse and they should be abolished. Human Rights Commission delenda est.

Justin Campbell is on the executive committee of LibertyWorks.

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  1. there is a very good reason why malefactors are known as catos. a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

  2. What a pathetic grub this woman is

  3. So the best way to ensure freedom of speech is to sack the Human Rights Commissioner?

  4. Is this a brandarse love in ?

  5. One of the worst defamation laws in the world, an increasingly secretive government and public service, and you can get jailed if you whistleblow child rape on Nauru and Manus Island. I think we have far worse threats to free speech than 18C, which isn’t a threat at all if you read the accompanying 18D. Seriously, all this talk sounds like it’s coming from whites unhappy they can’t call people “wogs” any more.

  6. More fatuous garbage from LibertyWorks. What you are asking for is the freedom to stop other people from calling out racist bigots, so you are calling for a restriction on others’ freedom of speech while claiming to support freedom of speech. Your hypochrisy and fundamental dishonesty is extraordinary.

  7. Nonsense. It makes people think twice about uttering hate speech. Once that becomes a habit, intolerance does decline.

  8. Now tell us who funds LibertyWorks

  9. Liberty worx eh lol ! Whata joke.

  10. “Only free speech does that.” That is so funny! I’m pretty certain no matter who or for how long anyone, or any of the logic they used, had remonstrated with good Hitler he would have changed his opinion. I think I can honestly say his entire regime would have felt the same way. “Liberty Works” is a site for blind, deaf and dumb ignoramuses but thanks for the laughs.

  11. sanctemonius hypocrites

  12. Her face is so bitter she would make lemons taste sweet


  14. Find someone that agrees with government policy as Commissioner of Human Rights and a Solicitor General that gives the Government the legal advice it wants and then you wouldn’t have to sack anyone????

  15. Domestic violence against men is simply ignored … the onus is on the father to disprove the mother’s allegations.

  16. The concept that you cannot say what you want to say, i.e. be free to speak your opinion and mind or ‘freedom of speech’, WITHOUT INTETTIONALLY offend or insult someone sound bizarre in the extreme … and if the constrains of civilised society limits your willingness to insult and offend others then it may well be the case that your opinion and speech is so poisoned that isn’t worth hearing. The Chaser take on David Leyonhjelm and his reaction speaks volumes about the real intent in removing 18C (which MUST be read ALWAYS along 18D) from the statutes

  17. Allowing Aboriginal or any other ‘race’ to choose not to be served by someone of a different ‘race'(white person) in Centre Link, or to refuse to be domiciled in the same complex at a university as white people, or to require Aboriginals to state their ‘racial orientation’ on any form of paperwork is just another way of marginalising them. Lets get rid of ALL forms of ‘racism’ weather it be positive or negative; ‘racism is never ‘positive’, and can only have a detrimental effect on those it is trying to assist.

  18. Seems to me that aboriginals can do and say whatever they want to us,and us whitefellas just have to accept it,but if we return the favor, its like ‘you cant do that,thats racist, i’ll sue’.

  19. trigg is a disgrace to public office, she is a reason why we have no confidence in our elected officials and their politically appointed representatives. good riddance.

  20. Ditch the witch!

  21. How did it ever come ti this fiasco? I”ll tell you – The Labor Party! She’s a card carrying member.

  22. Well done Gillard for leaving us with this twat. Another Gillard legacy.

  23. Stupid does, as stupid is!

  24. Is that old useless Triggs still there wasting taxpayer’s money Why hasn’t she been sacked yet?

  25. Trigg you stand for everything that is un Australian you stupid woman

  26. is she still taking our money?

  27. Many references to Cato the elder in this article.
    Paul Cato & David Cato.


  29. it sure dont help our country – that woman is a total fuckwit

  30. Is this thing still around,thought she may have been sacked as thats all she is fit for,an utter waste of taxpayers money

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