LibertyWorks Vodcast Episode 1

In the first LibertyWorks vodcast Nicola Wright, Andrew Cooper, Stephen Cable and Justin Campbell discuss banning anti-vaxers, Get Up, Same Sex Marriage and special persons day.



Anti-vaccination advocate Kent Heckenlively denied entry to Australia by minister Peter Dutton

GetUp! pockets $2m with a ‘dirty’ deal

Same sex marriage: Network Ten admits doctoring controversial footage

How government policy exacerbates hurricanes like Harvey



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Justin Campbell

Justin works in technology and has degrees in accounting and economics. He lives in Brisbane, Queensland. He is a reformed leftie having previously been a member of the Australian Democrats and the Australian Labor Party. Justin is passion about protecting free markets and a free society. He is interested in free speech advocacy, social liberties and free market economic reform.

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Justin Campbell
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  1. Free speech is like being pregnant. You cannot be half pregnant and you cannot have semi-freedom of speech.

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