NBN Shambles, Pregnant People, Black Facing and Safe Schools

Justin Campbell, Nicola Wright and Libby DownUnder discuss Australian politics, NBN shambles, pregnant people, black facing and Safe Schools.

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7 Comments on "NBN Shambles, Pregnant People, Black Facing and Safe Schools"

  1. I tried to watch this, but I had to stop at the NBN Discussion because my internet service is too slow and useless for the video and sound to sinc properly inbetween the large periods of buffering.

    • Was this during the livestream or when watching from this post Stephen?

    • Whilst watching from this post. It’s my internet connection, which 10 years after Rudd is still copper to the exchange 4.5Km away. I think my suburb is promised some Nodes next year, which means I look forward to watching this video at 10% faster speeds in 2028

    • Unless Labor gets elected again, in which case it will be 5% in 2038 but with promises of instant downloads if I just let them raise taxes some more

    • There’s a five year old budding entrepreneur at the local Kindy who is offering double speeds with his tin cans with string model for just a weekly payment of Freddo Frogs that I extremely tempted to try, but I just can’t afford it after my last tax return

    • Optus are now offering 140 GB on 4G for $70/month.

    • I shall check out phone tower options again once my 2 year contract is up.

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