‘No bias at the ABC’, in other news: ‘no Catholicism at the Vatican’

In a stunning display of ideological incompetence, the Prime Minister appointed his friend, Justin Milne, to fill the role of chairman of the ABC. Justin is so unsuited for the job he can’t even see the bias that’s so obvious to the general public. He appears to have no ability to detect or understand information bias and thinks that everyone should take his word for it that everything’s just hunky-dory. This move is so bad that it makes Tony Abbott’s awarding a Knighthood to Prince Philip look like a piece of cultural genius.

For many years, a most confusing aspect of the Liberal Party has been their continual predilection for kicking their allies and kissing their enemies. Yet again, here is another example of how the cultural rulers of the Liberals offer their supporters slops and offer pots of gold to their sworn enemies. For what? Do you think they’ll treat you fairly now that you’ve bowed down to them and avoided the inevitable scorn that comes when making appointments of which they disapprove? Or is the PM so far removed from traditional liberal ideological grounding that he actually thinks this is a good idea? He’s weakened his base, strengthened his opponents and is still scratching his head over his polling numbers.

The social media response from ABC supporters is as predictable as it is trite. When The Australian published the story yesterday and it hit Facebook they trotted out the same old line. “There is no bias at the ABC”, deny, deny, deny. It’s an age old tactic of stonewalling, making opposition such an arduous task that many simply give up. If a Liberal PM not only won’t bring them to heel but enables their behaviour, then it’s up to the public to protest in the strongest terms possible.

When pushed on the issue the retort that will often come back is to try and deflect to the performance of other news organisations. Normally the favourite bogeyman of the left is Murdoch, who apparently has the power to shake kingdoms, if you believe their wild conspiracy theories. Even if such ridiculous suggestions were true, it completely and deliberately misses the point. Private news organisations can take whatever political views they like and their audience will judge them accordingly. In those cases I don’t have to pay for it. The ABC is a different animal as it is required by law to be balanced in its reporting, something it consistently fails to do and sneers at those who suggest otherwise.

Justin Milne’s response amplifies this digital ‘Friends of the ABC’ response and would be funny if he didn’t expect us to take it seriously. He and the Ultimo crowd expect you to suck it up and suffer in silence while they spend your money to tell you how awful you are. And should any reader try to rewrite the ABC’s job description, they do not exist to ‘bring balance to conservative media’. Firstly, such a claim confirms they lean the other way and secondly this has nothing to do with their existence. They are not the media Luke Skywalker destined to bring balance to the media force. The paternalistic suggestion that ‘we the public’ need help from Ultimo to decide the quality of the journalism around us is a joke. We’ve been assessing media output for centuries and the scrapheap of defunct outlets is testament to our discernment. Bad journalism is the journalism not subject to intellectual market forces that we just can’t get rid of.

Milne has made himself a laughing stock of the media world just by virtue of the claim that there is no bias. All media organisations have bias because they’re all made up of humans. Such a state of affairs he claims is simply not possible. Balance is brought by opposing views being held in tension by equal force and influence. No such state exists in the ABC, not even close and people are simply sick of it. Even former PM Paul Keating, ever the shrinking violet, is willing to criticise their performance.

For a total hoot of a comment Milne actually said the following:

I like ABC for news like all Australians do because the ABC attempts to be unbiased, it attempts to tell it right down the middle so it’s a good reference point for many Australians.”

“Like all Australians do”?

Really, this is actually what he said and I kinda get the impression that he did it with a straight face. Unless he had that Waleed Aly superiority grin, which is just the cultural elites version of a straight face. Only someone who mixes it up with a crowd that thinks it’s a good idea to pressure a sitting government to break a campaign promise would think this the ABC was doing alright. I’d suggest Justin gets out from the inner city lobbying circles he frequents and mixes it up with everyday people, just like his good friend the PM. Oh wait……

Once I recovered from reading Milne’s statement, realising that he wasn’t having a laugh, I began to think about applying this wonderland of self assessment to other endeavours. The beauty of funding divorced from payer’s views and the ease of production separated from broader cultural considerations. In essence, the joy of being accountable only to your own whims.

This brave new world of self-assessment would allow students to mark their own assignments and award their own scores. Police can hold trials for accused criminals proving to themselves that their accusations are true. Coroners will no longer be needed, as doctors can simply give their opinion for the cause of death. No checks and balances needed. Building collapse? no problem, let the builder investigate himself.

In very few areas of society do we allow providers of information to decide whether they’re meeting required standards. However, when it comes to the ABC the Prime Minister allows them to run an information protection racket shielding their favoured positions from open scrutiny and vigorous debate. One more in-house nodding session where everyone agrees with everyone else and I’ll be sick. The Politburo discussing if they should continue to implement communism couldn’t be more comical.

The ABC isn’t biased in the same way that the Greens aren’t cultural Marxists. How can they be when this is the ONLY way to think. You see, it’s easy to be unbiased when your way of thinking is correct, there’s no other alternative! Life’s so much simpler, no need for all that tiresome thinking and debating.

Let the left pay for their own news instead of pilfering my pocket and pissing in it as thanks.

Stephen works as a Quantity Surveyor in Brisbane and has a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. He has an intense interest in the ideological contest between freedom and control that dominates our social and political discourse. Stephen strongly believes in free market systems, freedom of speech and smaller government.

Stephen Cable

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  1. No shit at the treatment works. another epic fail from this hopeless excuse for a government. New CEO could’ve been written by Barry Humphries.

  2. It’s their ABC and they can do whatever they want without any chance of backlash

  3. Never watch or listen to the ABC unless it’s cricket,it is so biased,i can’t believe the government has not acted ALL taxpayers pay. Not just the trendy lefties.

  4. I haven’t watched a minute of the ABC since they helped to elect Kevin 747 with their blatant bias

  5. Sadly the statement “no Catholicism at the Vatican” could also hold true under the current Pope.

  6. The ABC doesn’t comply with it’s charter. It needs urgent and strong reform.

    • The right wing bias in the news and current affairs is quite noticeable, but when LNP members are on they only make fools of themselves. So an own goal there.

    • Greg, which ABCNEWS are you watching. Are you sure you know your left from your right?…….

    • Tony, he can only be
      A troll, anyone with only a little bit of nous would know the bias of these leftist marxist
      bastards running and all its political reporting moslem driven, SBS are exactly the same.

    • Peter Simpson The current head of the ABC worked for the Libs, You are full of crap.

    • Bruce Thomas Totally irrelevant where he worked. The culture of the ABC is marxist/left wing/feminist. As the national broadcaster, it’s prime obligation is to be neutral. It’s the most important part of it’s charter.

  7. Steve cable is obviously some advanced type of idiot.

  8. It certainly time the ABC and SBS were divided up and given to the people on the Federal election role (the number of shares) and if people want to continue it, my one share will be for sale.

  9. No ideological incompetence involved – Turnbull is a rusted on lefty who’s working to his Marxist agenda (as we should expect). It was a deliberate strengthening & extending of the ABC status quo. He believes in state sanctioned brainwashing.

  10. Labor should be forced to pay for their advertising like everyone else. About $1b a year for the ABC I believe.

  11. Well not before 5.00am

  12. I don’t watch TV, so can’t comment on the TV channels, but Radio National has a reasonable mix of people from all parties. The people who can communicate well come across well, and the people who can’t sound like knobs regardless of which party they’re from. I think they could stop interrupting people who are trying to answer a question but they do that to everyone.

    The blokes that do breakfast on Adelaide local radio are useless and just shouldn’t be on the radio – I’m not convinced that they’re biased, they’re just useless.

  13. FOX me… I need some of Rupert’s straight-shootin’ pundits to keep me in check.

  14. Binary opposites don’t necessarily balance. If 97% of climate scientists support the notion of anthropogenic climate change you don’t get balance with one of them and a climate denialist as supposed opposites in a tv interview. No, you would need 97 people with one view and 3 people with the opposing view. THAT is balance.

  15. I read about the so called ABC bias care to share anyone?

    • You know brother they have no interest in alternative views….look how they stack the audience in Q & A

    • Gosh I still have not heard one example yet of bias,Q and A break audience down by a form filled in before the show.

    • So the panel is a mix of views is it?

    • Q and A and the Drum,yes,Leigh on 7.30 report gives it to both sides with equal gusto,Lateline the same,and Barrie does not hold back,Media Watch has attacked the ABC many times,I cannot recall any of the presenters showing bias .

    • And how many do they take questions from other than the greens and labour??? Practically zero !!!!

    • David Curtis surely you must be a stand up comedian or otherwise you have sustained a serious brain injury where as you cannot define between reality or utter bullshit, if you think tony jones is not biased or the audience is not stacked to suit the shows agenda then theres not much point even reading anything you have to offer. ta ta

  16. Problem is that the ABC believes it has to balance the entire media of Australia, instead providing it’s own balanced reporting.

  17. Yes we hear far too much about Malcolm Turnbull and the government.

  18. Nonsense. Review after review finds that the ABC is, if anything, a bit biased to the right. Views should be given weight according to how much evidence supports them. Many views are strongly held, despite being unsupported by evidence… which in plain words means they are wrong.

  19. “Stephen works as a Quantity Surveyor in Brisbane and has a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. He has an intense interest in the ideological contest between freedom and control that dominates our social and political discourse. Stephen strongly believes in free market systems, freedom of speech and smaller government.”… Stephen has no real idea what a free market system actually is. He think it means workers have no rights at all. And that the rich can get rich by any means available to them. Stephen is a total tool.

    • PS: Liberty Works are a dangerous pack of right wing wanna be fascists.

    • I’m hoping their more humorous than dangerous. 1000 Facebook likes isn’t exactly mainstream.

    • He is right about the ABC though. The contrast between local real news in the country and their favoured few national opinionates is glaring. That even includes blokes like the rural one, based in Sydney , whose comments are “harbour views “of life in the bush..

    • Ian just for argument sake, does Stephen Cable orchestrate protests like Getup, who’s violence closes down One Nation meetings or Ayan Ali, from public speaking, using violence as a repercussions. Does he wear a mask and generally cause havoc.
      Like the true fascists of the radical left.

  20. just goes to show the true Turnbull a left wing muslim loving traitor that would be more suited as the leader of the Greens or Labor. If the Libs don’t change leaders soon they have no chance at the next election

  21. I guess when you are as far to the alt- right as Liberty Works everything else seems left…. even the truth.

  22. Disgusting, They never report anything in its true form they are the masters at fake news I never watch this disgraceful grubby station

    • How do you know they are masters of fake news if you never watch them? How clever you are too have such psychic insights to know what people think without needing to hear them…

    • How is this for psychic insight I know you are a wanker & spent most of your life playing with your dick you don’t have to be half smart to know abc is a fake news outlet so go back to your safe space & continue doing what you do best

    • So the Murdoch press is the truth Brian Hilton?? Jesus bloody Christ,you are demented.

    • When caught out on the illogical base of his own argument, the zealot always switches his attack to the messenger rather than the message.

    • Go for it lefties shout down any one that has an opinion other than theirs

  23. Bring back The Roast.

  24. They should allow all political parties a say.

  25. They want to force the ABC to join their headbanger right-wing crusade. When you are as crazy fringe as these people the Centre ground looks like the extreme left!

  26. Has been and still is, along with SBS, the most accurate, reliable and least biased news source on television and radio in Australia.

  27. It is but another government funded joke. Should be immediately shut down and put the money towards something for all the people not just the elitist left.

  28. SBS news is worse

  29. Two things. 1) Personally state-run i.e. tax-payer funded media is a terrible idea. Always has been. Always will be. Too prone to manipulation and bias.
    2) The MSM as a whole is just as bad whether private or not. And are paying for it with the rise of alternate media.
    Personally I look forward to the day that the dying animal breathes it’s last.

  30. Sick hearing leftwing spew

  31. It’s a no brainer the lefties control the ABC beyond any doubt whatsoever.

  32. This is the worst thing I have ever read

  33. You realise a former murdoch hack runs the ABC right?

  34. It’s ‘Their ABC’ now!

  35. ABC reports the truth and the Libs only like their Truth being broadcast. Look at the scandals that have been reported by the ABC. We need the ABC more than ever.

  36. ‘Share’ If you want your country back from the corrupt government, this is how to do it by our direct democracy modeled Commonwealth of Australia Constitution party, where true democracy is the law.
    We can tick off all the boxes, Free speech, Exit UN, Ban Islam in Australia, one after another, we have to take government, dominate Parliament.
    All we need to do is get every member here to sign up two friends, to start our bloodless revolution. http://www.cofacparty.com/

  37. Who ever wrote this thinks the liberals favour their enemies. Wrong . The liberal party has crossed the middle line to the left the minute Turnbul took over . This is why the ABC thinks they are unbias . The middle line is way to the left …. sitting on what the ABC thinks is middle is actually still way Left . Youve got no idea people .

    • based on what evidence? Actions, here, not rhetoric. THe Libs and Turnbull just supported wage cuts for weekend workers and celebrated tax cuts for businesses. They now plan to get tax cuts for big business. They refuse to investigate tax evasion by multinationals.

    • You can pick and choose different policies to support any argument at the time … Liberals moved left when Turnbull took over ! The ABC is left bias ! You only have to open your eyes to see that .

    • The liberals moved left but that doesn’t put them on the left.

  38. Shut down both networks if they want push there own political agendas they can fund it not the aussie taxpayer

  39. Obviously Malcolm and the Libs are doing SO well in the polls lol it must be the ABC’s fault.

  40. You got that right, LibertyWorks.

  41. Nothing is more bias than murdoch propaganda spillways sky channels

  42. And you do pay for Murdoch”s bias!

  43. Because journalists at the commercial stations are in no way influenced by the fact that their jobs and careers are absolutely dependent on how they portray the views of their billionaire employers.

    When alt-right has a stranglehold on commercial outlets, any view even approaching centrist will be perceived as far left.

  44. Privatise the ab friggin c

  45. Then, don’t consume it!

  46. People who want the capatilist driven Murdoch type bullshit are sick of it. The rest of us who believe in a fair and just society (just like the Jesus that John Gersch follows would want) are not sick of it. What we are sick of is that once again the divide between the wealthy and the poor is growing rapidly. Peers follow what their peers believe in. The liberal party will be roundly appauded by their peers who believe only in economic growth, but us citizens of the world who believe wealth should be shared do not.

    • Shared? As in forcibly taking money off one group of people and giving it to others? Like Venezuela…

    • I have no idea about what is happening in Venezuela. I would just like it if the waiter and the cleaner who work at the restaurants where the CEOs go could afford to go there themselves on a special occasion. I believe this current trend where the wealthy are getting wealthier and the poor poorer is not good for the overall security in Australia. It will I believe lead to an increase in violent crimes, in children not recieving adequate nutrition and education, in young people becoming marginalize and potentially becoming terrorist, in the elderly and disabled suffering pain and discomfort etc, etc. Statistically the happiest most secure countries do forcefully take money off one group and give it to another. It’s called taxation and as an individual who actively follows the teaching and example of individuals including Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha I am an unashamed socialist who happily pays his share of tax understand the benifits that I recieve indirectly for that.

  47. Ah here we go again

    “The ABC is biased, if you don’t agree you’re a pinko”

    There’s been multiple investigations into the abc for bias since the coalition got power
    Appointed by the coalition with terms of reference set by the coalition
    They’ve all found that the abc is not generally biased

    But because it doesn’t agree with the far right you lot see it as the enemy

    • The problem is that those that don’t watch it because of the bias are still forced to pay for it. If it was privatised you could pay for it and others could get a tax break.

    • The problem is that you scream bias and dismiss anything that says it isn’t biased

      It’s your typical tactic.
      Take your position and ignore anything that disagrees with it

  48. In your opinion, should be how you start each sentence because millions of Australians disagree with your opinion.

  49. ABC is a leftist propaganda outlet funded by all taxpayers. Only roughly 50% get representation.

  50. Watch closely, the ABC is not bias and their interviewing is tough regardless of who is being interviewed….

  51. And who is we Stephen ????

  52. You dont speak for me you silly LNP Turnip

  53. This is LNP Propaganda

  54. Have stopped watching ABC news due to its total bias and promotion of fake news

  55. Absolutely Biased Crap !

  56. You are LNP stooges

  57. Grow vegetables instead of spewing nonsense.

  58. Leave my abc alone…as there is no commercial network I know who has produced anywhere as good as Gardening Australia…pure gardening pleasure to watch…the only program that comes close to near gardening pleasure is better homes and gardens on 7. Gardening Australia is unbiased because it is pure gardening segments…as is other great programming…if you have a bloody beef about the political bias side of it..just let us watch the normal programs and remove the lefty announcers and the biased material they spew out…I am a patriot party voter which means I am more conservative those idiots who advocate removing the abc full tote. And I love my abc full tote too.

  59. I just see there is need of a balance in programs like lateline, Q& A (which is stacked against we conservatives) We need to stop Tony Jones, the compare, from preventing those conservatives on his panel, and let them finish saying their peace without conitinual interruption from those who fear the conservatives are speaking the truth about lefies on the panel, I am glad though at least one panelist, Jaqui Lambie, owned that young Muslim woman, Yasmin or whatever her name was.We need more Jaquie types on the panel.

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