No matter the question, government is the answer

In an excellent article in The Australian this week, Nick Cater does a skilful dissection of the Northcote by-election in Victoria. For those who might not have heard the news, a seat that has been Labor since 1927 went to The Greens. Amazingly, the Andrews government, that seems to have more in common with Che than Chifley, was not left enough for this electorate.

Some of the seat’s statistics of are quite illuminating. Apparently, there are ten times more teachers than truck drivers and twenty times more university lecturers than brick layers. The most interesting statistic of all however, is that 58 per cent work in the public sector. It seems that when government workers are in a position to decide, they vote for more government and there is no party more in favour of larger government than The Greens. It is no coincidence that the growth of government both in sheer numbers of workers and intrusion into every area of life has seen a rise of the big government party vote. Here in Queensland, we are in the final stages of a state election campaign and in the seat of South Brisbane, The Greens are also within grasp of a win. The advertising we’re seeing is the normal childish simplicity we expect from The Greens. Good vs. Evil arguments, terms like ‘big corporations’ and ‘greedy profits’ or similar are mentioned a thousand times on one pamphlet. This is followed by promises of utopia for all if only you will let The Greens make all of life’s decisions for you. There little mention of the environment but lots of talk about the government running everything. Cheap housing, cheap public transport, abundant cheap energy (from the government of course) and free childcare. It all sounds great to the naive and those who don’t grasp history and use it as a guide.

Where government advances, liberty retreats. Victoria has been the centre of this in Australia but even a fool like Daniel Andrews isn’t intrusive enough for the government workers of Northcote.

The message is clear, if you want to scale back The Greens you need to scale back the size of government. If we don’t we will continue to feed the parasite that is destroying us.

Stephen Cable

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  1. of course. This is why historically, civil servants could not vote; and we’ll have bloated govt until the situation is fixed (probably by outsourcing public servant jobs to bangalore etc).

    • Unless that are uniformed personnel – army, police, fireys, ambos, etc., public servants shouldn’t be allowed to vote at the level of government at which they are employed.

  2. Just goes to show the quality of the morons in the public service thinking and breathing at the same time is a challenge to most of them

  3. The only thing green about the greens is the name green.

  4. Filthy commies.

  5. He got that right especially about the parasites

  6. Yes the real agenda of the ALP and Watermelons joint venture

  7. There’s some deep thinkers in that photo. If true that societies get the government they deserve, we must really be a pack of complete c#*ts.

  8. Loonacy, our bigest problem is the corruption in our public services, from the govenor general, down,

  9. This country is is so much trouble, I write the govenor general [who’s job it is, who is paid well by us to do] with irrefutable evidence of public service corruption and treachery, were being invaded by communists, whom we are openly threatened by, we don’t even get a reply, whats with that? COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CONSTITUTION ACT – SECT 61

    Executive power
    The executive power of the Commonwealth is vested in the Queen and is exercisable by the Governor-General as the Queen’s representative, and extends to the execution and maintenance of this Constitution, and of the laws of the Commonwealth.

  10. Should be locked up, the lot of them. Traitorous dogs.

  11. Greens group photo shows their commitment to racial diversity in Parliament. Er…

  12. The greens—
    Such a disgrace

  13. Not that pack of bloody loosers

  14. Not even worth a comment.

  15. As Karl Marx once said,they are useful idiots.

  16. No it’s not!

  17. Heres a question. Whats the meaning of life? Why does the religion of peace kill so many? Why do feminist not go to the uae and stand with their down trodden sisters? If conservatives are so worried about farmers clearing land to grow crops and produce meat herds and say it will kill so many native species than why do they not protest developer’s clearing acre after acre in green belts around the citys? Why is it that environmentalists use power from coal fired power plants to run their electric cars heat their homes and use poluting products?

  18. Wot a shower of shite !!!

  19. Just wasted space

  20. 11 oxygen thieves and we are paying their wages not getting value for money there

  21. I thought the people in the electorate would have had more commonsense.

  22. They have all gathered together and yet their combined IQ is still less than pre schooler.

  23. Greens. A bunch of bloody. Morons

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