Aboriginal Affairs

It’s time to end the silence on violence

Yet again this week it has been made crystal clear that we just can’t talk about some problems facing Aboriginal people – unless of course we are prepared to be called racists (whitefellas) or sellouts (blackfellas). And if we can’t talk about these problems, how can we address them?

On Studio 10, Yumi Stynes accused Kerri-Anne Kennerley of being racist. This was because Kerry-Anne dared to ask if any of the Australia Day protestors pretending that Aboriginal people are hurt by celebrations on Australia Day had actually been to the outback where children, babies, mothers, sisters and aunties are raped, as part of everyday life. That is a legitimate question. While I saw a tsunami of attacks on Kerri-Anne, with a host of accusations that she is claiming all babies and mothers are being raped, I did not see a response from any protester saying “Yes, I have visited these … Read the rest