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Tobacco harm reduction and vaping: beyond a binary approach

In the Orwell classic Animal farm there was a binary notion that the animals lived by – “four legs good, two legs bad”. This eventually morphed into “four legs good, two legs better” as the pigs who became the lead animals began walking on two legs like the evil farmer they had replaced.

Binary thinking has a role in areas like engineering where unless a bridge or building is a certain strength it may fall down. However human biology is not quite as amenable to this approach. Notwithstanding that we are all similar, no two people (even identical twins) are exactly the same.

In seeking to treat or help people in medicine we need a variety of options. No antidepressant or antihypertensive works for everyone. Different approaches are required and we must tailor what is best to the individual. The more options we have the greater the number we can … Read the rest

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Changing the world, one block at a time

With all the hype – and subsequent bad press – Bitcoin has been receiving the past few months, it’s easy to overlook the most fundamental and game changing aspect; the blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency Is Not The Only Game In Town
As we all have probably heard by now (and if not, start here), Bitcoin is a decentralised alternative to fiat currency. It is currently receiving a lot of attention due to its dizzying returns as an investment product. The trouble with this is that everyday investors are going into cryptocurrency with the same principle as any investment, which is to say, they see money instead of the technology. This blockchain technology enables private and centralised (read: non-governmental or corporate) record keeping on asset transfers, and has the potential for a new concept known as “smart contracts”.

The blockchain principle that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is based upon, Read the rest

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A Blockchain-based universal basic income

by Jason Potts (Blockchain Innovation Hub, RMIT University), John Humphreys (School of Economics, University of Queensland, member of the LibertyWorks advisory board) & Joseph Clark, (Brisbane, Australia)

We propose a model for a global, decentralized, universal basic income that uses “bottom-up” coordination, instead of the conventional “top-down” approach. Using modern financial instruments and blockchain technology, we conceive of a welfare system based on personal income swaps (personal equity contracts) coordinated through smart contracts.


A universal basic income, or UBI, is an attempt to radically simplify and generalise the welfare state by furnishing an unconditional cash transfer to everyone (that’s the universal part) in order to provide a hard floor under income, so that no one will fall below a particular level (that’s the basic income part). A UBI might furnish, for instance, a basic income to every adult over 18 of say … Read the rest

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