Climate Waste

Finkel’s fake economics 3.0

One can usually expect on most days when the Senate is sitting in Canberra that the ALP, Greens or Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) will put forward for fake debate a so called Matter of Public Importance (MPI) such as the recent one for 9/11:

“Investment in renewable energy, which makes economic and environmental sense.” – ALP Senator Katy Gallagher from the ACT, Manager for Opposition Business (Senate).

As is often the case with those on the Left, this assertion is not just false but the opposite is in fact the truth. This has been shown many times by various LibertyWorks writers including myself earlier this year in both Finkel’s Fake Economics 1.0 and Finkel’s Fake Economics 2.0. I will now complete the trilogy with a this third and final instalment ie Finkel’s Fake Economics 3.0 (noting that, admittedly, I am quite fond of writing such trilogies such as on … Read the rest

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