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The Fakel Report: Finkel’s Fake Economics 2.0

This is a sequel to my article from last week entitled The Fakel Report: Finkel’s Fake Economics. Since then there have been media reports that the Turnbull ‘flip-flop’ Government is already having second thoughts about the one-and-only solid reform recommendation from the Finkel Review, that is the so called “technology neutral” Clean Energy Target (CET). This is not surprising given that only when ‘hell freezes over’ will a CET result in “lower residential and industrial electricity prices”. It is unclear, however, if they are also backing off a new federal Renewable Energy Target (RET) of 42 per cent in 2030.

There are a plethora of problems with the Finkel Final Report, one of the main ones being the thinly-veiled worldview fuelling this Report, that is the all-too-predictable one of climate change alarmism (including wind and solar fetish) combined with favouring government central control over competitive market freedom. … Read the rest

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