Thanking our veterans; triggering the left

The world of Australian aviation is in some ways an intensely patriotic one, with Qantas serving as the National Phallus and a source of national pride. As such, the comments section on Australian Business Traveller‘s recent article about Virgin Australia joining in the government’s initiative to thank armed forces veterans for their service becomes utterly comical.

In this article, it is noted that the federal government launched an initiative encouraging corporations to give special perks to armed forces members, even if many of those perks work out merely to be a relatively meaningless expression of gratitude. Virgin Australia joined this initiative, but Qantas did not. Qantas, for its part, makes special announcements on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. However, Virgin are reconsidering joining this initiative, as there has been public backlash.

Flynn’s article remained neutral and descriptive. It asked for the audience’s opinion and invited discussion. The comments section, Read the rest