Progressive globalism vs libertarian globalism

Present-day commentary abounds with discussions on the “new nationalism.” We all know the discourse; from Trump to Brexit to alleged hate-crimes, to fears about immigration, to discussion about how political correctness prevents certain policy debates, to the loss of manufacturing jobs in industrialized nations. The semi-Buchananite Donald Trump is often the central figure (hero or demon) of this discourse, but it commonly occurs in Europe as well (frequently with Angela Merkel as the central figure of good/evil).

The “new nationalism” seems to come in two flavors… the ethnonationalist “alt-right” and the civic nationalist, often libertarianism-inflected “alt-lite.” These two factions cannot be treated as the same; the former are (actual) racists, the latter at most tell a few nasty holocaust jokes on Twitter. As methodological individualists, libertarians must disavow the alt-right, but there is a broad spectrum of libertarian opinion on the alt-lite.

The “new nationalism” has one primary enemy: “globalism.” … Read the rest

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