If Corporations care so much about diversity and inclusion, they should hire older workers

It has become fashionable for corporations to promote diversity and inclusion, but if they cared about being inclusive, they would focus on hiring more older workers. It’s often said that the ideas people spout are those of long-dead philosophers. In the case of modern corporations that philosophy is intersectional feminism, with their chief target old white men. The focus in this agenda has been to be inclusive of people of different races, genders and sexuality, but one significant group has been forgotten: older workers.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Australia still ranks behind many other OECD ranking 12th for mature-aged employment rate. Presently, Australia’s mature-aged employment rate sits at 62.4%, compared to 76.1% in New Zealand. The Australian Human Rights Commission has identified age discrimination as a concern, with many older Australians unable to secure employment in areas where they have both experience and qualifications. Australia’s Aged and Read the rest

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