The anti-diversity manifesto that wasn’t

I recently read that a James Damore was a software engineer fired by Google for writing an “anti-diversity manifesto” for the company. I decided that before jumping to conclusions on this highly criticised individual, I should read the document concerned in full:


I don’t agree with everything he wrote. Sure, he was being ‘politically incorrect’, but more importantly, he was sincere and polite in his writing. There was no malice. It read more like a diversity improvement manifesto, not an anti-diversity one, as slightly misguided as it may be.

So instead of encouraging Google’s employees to have a respectful and robust discussion on the matter, and keep it in-house (why does the world need to know about it?), in its infinite wisdom, Google sacked Mr Damore when word got out, instead of defending the value diversity of opinion brings to the table.

Having read the “manifesto” with an open Read the rest

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