Brisbane’s New Green Ghetto?

The Queensland Greens have announced what they euphemistically call a ‘Housing Policy’, called ‘A home for all’. This will cost (by Greens fuzzy maths) $60 billion, yes, billion with a “b”, and produce 200,000 ‘dwellings’. The numbers are rosy and utopia will arrive, although they forgot to tell everyone that they’ll be better looking, but I’m sure that will be coming in the ‘cosmetic surgery improvement’ policy they’ll be announcing soon.

If there’s any doubt about what this will look like, just do an internet search for “Soviet housing projects”. Not the concept drawings, but the actual finished product and what it looks like after a few years. If you’re still curious, do a search for British council flats and have a look at how hideous government housing ideas really look like.

The stated intention of the Greens is to bring the wisdom and superior guidance of the … Read the rest

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