Anti-bullying campaigns and the victimhood culture

Anti-bullying campaigns in schools have been teaching children that physical violence and protracted campaigns to hurt another student physically are not tolerated, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, these campaigns also elevate verbal bullying to the same status, teaching kids that words can hurt just as much as punches. In doing so, they give more power to words than they should ever hold. “Bones heal,” they say, “emotional scars don’t.”

What would happen then, if we were to give children the tools to deal with words and take away their apparently omnipotent traits? Have we created a generation of victims by telling them it’s OK to be completely devastated by a word? That the person who said it should be punished, regardless of intent? By reinforcing this victimhood behaviour with the satisfaction of seeing the person punished harshly all the while being coddled and affirmed? How is this the preferred course of Read the rest