School funding: cut out the middle man

In May, I received the latest edition of the ‘The Butler Bulletin’ in the mail from my local Federal MP Terri Butler. The lead article was about how terrible the Federal Budget was and that the Prime Minister is cutting funding to schools so that he can give tax cuts to ‘big business’. The style of writing is somewhere between a Maurice Blackburn lawyer, a GetUp! activist and an indoctrinated primary school student. Scary numbers and buzz words are splashed around to elicit all the right emotional responses from the fan base. The main photo is of an innocent looking student looking out at us with a pencil in her hand. The imagery pleads ‘help protect me from the evil PM’ with the red filter adding to the sense of danger. ‘$22 Billion Cut From Schools’!!! ‘Big Business’!!! See how scary that sounded? Fortunately for the terrorised students of Australia, … Read the rest

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