Brexit hero: Daniel Hannan lunches with Libertyworks

LibertyWorks members caught up with Daniel Hannan when he briefly stopped over in Brisbane as part of a two week visit to Australia. ┬áHannan was a key member of the official Brexit leave campaign and is the author of ‘Why Vote Leave’. He also has worked as a Journalist for the Daily Telegraph and the Spectator. In addition to his role in Brexit Daniel Hannan has used the power of the internet to spread the positive message of liberty and free trade to a global audience. He continues to be an articulate and ethical defence of liberty.

LibertyWorks members had the opportunity to ask Hannan about his thoughts on Brexit, the future for global trade the relation between Brexit and the election of Trump. From his answers it was obvious that he is passionate about the cause of global trade and the moral argument for it. He rightly pointed out … Read the rest

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