Free Speech

No, you’re not transphobic

Whatever your views are on transgender issues, chances are, you’re not transphobic. Real transphobia involves irrational behaviour, and denies trans people a ‘fair go’ not at the expense of others. Real transphobia is physically hurting someone because they’re trans, or not hiring the best job candidate just because they’re trans. Transphobia can be real, but fake transphobia is also real, and throwing (or threatening to throw) fake transphobia accusations around, especially in public discourse, does not help the transgender cause.

As a transsexual woman, I am sick and tired of seeing people being subject to character assassination because apparently they’re transphobic. In many cases, these people are either absolutely not transphobic, or accusing them of transphobia is a stretch (or somewhere in between). Unfortunately the trans “community”, now run by the Regressive Left, does not call out on fake transphobia often enough, if at all. For this reason and … Read the rest

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