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The anti-diversity manifesto that wasn’t

I recently read that a James Damore was a software engineer fired by Google for writing an “anti-diversity manifesto” for the company. I decided that before jumping to conclusions on this highly criticised individual, I should read the document concerned in full:

I don’t agree with everything he wrote. Sure, he was being ‘politically incorrect’, but more importantly, he was sincere and polite in his writing. There was no malice. It read more like a diversity improvement manifesto, not an anti-diversity one, as slightly misguided as it may be.

So instead of encouraging Google’s employees to have a respectful and robust discussion on the matter, and keep it in-house (why does the world need to know about it?), in its infinite wisdom, Google sacked Mr Damore when word got out, instead of defending the value diversity of opinion brings to the table.

Having read the “manifesto” with an open Read the rest

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Feminist enablers of Indigenous violence

The feminist movement  — so often a faux feminist movement, to be more accurate — seeks to explicate the factors that exacerbate domestic violence. Nowhere is the evidence of blinkered prescriptions so stark as when we observe the sisterhood’s responses to disproportionate rates of violence within the Aboriginal community.

Unless you are an agenda-driven feminist and blind to hard and brutal facts, there’s no denying factors like welfare dependence, social isolation, alcohol and drug abuse are statistically indicative of an increased risk of domestic violence. These are factors that thrive in remote communities, where social isolation and welfare dependence are matters of geography. When these elements are viewed in conjunction with the patriarchal tones of traditional Aboriginal culture, wherein violence played a key role long before white settlement, we should not react as if Aboriginal women being between 34 times and 80 times more likely than non-Aboriginal women … Read the rest

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Hurt feelings should never trump hurt bodies: how attempts to silence discussion on Aboriginal issues damage all Australians.

The freedom of speech that allows scumbags to write the word “abo” is the same freedom of speech that allows the rest of us to expose and ridicule such comments and insist on equality for all.

It is only by defending their freedom to be obnoxious that we ensure our freedom to argue back and make a better society.

Section 18C must be scrapped. Not only because it is censorious, but because in treating minority groups as children requiring protection, it does more to insult, humiliate and offend them than any racist throwback ever could.

(Brendan O’Neill, The Australian, 25 March 2017)

In April of 2017 I had the pleasure of being an invited speaker at the 5th ALS Friedman Conference. I want to thank the organisers of that conference – it was an excellent conference. This article roughly reflects and elaborates on my presentation. In a Read the rest

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Failing Fairfax’s sad sneer at the Friedman Liberty Conference

There’s nothing like seeing an event that you personally witnessed, written up in the mainstream media to realise how inaccurate and biased news reporting can be. We know on an intellectual level that we’re likely not getting the whole story when reading something from the mainstream news, but when you see it happen with something you have had a personal experience with, the bias and inaccuracy is stark.

Over the weekend I attended the Australian Libertarian Society Friedman Conference and since returning home, have so far read two articles that seem to have been written with the intent of casting the conference and libertarianism in general in the worst possible light.

In the Sydney Morning Herald an article that focused on Senator Cory Bernardi’s talk, told us that the audience was ‘overwhelming young and male’ with a ‘handful’ of MAGA hats on display. I can attest that the claim of … Read the rest

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18C and the doctrine of emotional protectionism

Who gave you this authority?

Anytime authority is exercised over you a legitimate question to ask is, ‘who gave you this authority?’ As the discussion about 18C & D continues in Australia, a thought should come to mind whenever you turn your attention to the issue. When was this ever discussed at an election? When did my local MP ever bring this up in communication with me?

Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader, Barnaby Joyce claimed that this was not an important issue among the electorate and was ‘a political distraction’. Well I suppose that view is a luxury a politician can afford to indulge, a university student not so much. He further espoused his view that the Turnbull government should not engage Labor in these philosophical debates’ and that ‘we should be talking about things where we have greater potency than the opposition, which is delivery. Power prices, Read the rest

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18C is not protecting anybody

My name is Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, I am an Alice Springs Town Councillor and campaigner against family violence. Recently I addressed the National Press Club along with Marcia Langton and Josephine Cashman about the silencing of Aboriginal women victims of violence and the realities of life in remote communities. My traditional Warlpiri culture is governed by stringent rules regarding the sharing of knowledge and what women can and cannot say in public. I am of the thinking that my people need to implement cultural reform to allow for more open and honest discussion so that women and children victims of violence are no longer silenced.

The domestic violence epidemic has been played out in aboriginal communities for over several decades now and has steadily worsened. In our current political climate freedom of speech has been suppressed by political correctness. This has contributed to the domestic violence epidemic we are experiencing.

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What you can learn from Twitter about 18c


There’s been plenty written about 18c in the past few months with many media organisations and personalities coming out strongly for repeal.  Some of those have personally been at the pointy end of the law and are acutely aware of its dangers. This article doesn’t seek to add to their important work but instead brings attention to the love affair the left has with 18c and their strategy for keeping it.

Normally the words “what you can learn” and “Twitter” aren’t found in the same sentence. Twitter is to learning and discourse what Married at First Sight is to relationship guidance. However, if you carefully watch the commentary and responses that takes place on social media platforms you can learn quite a bit about the established strategies and narratives the left intends to pursue on certain subject matters.  Discussion about 18c is a case in point. Invariably when an … Read the rest

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Who’s afraid of the big bad Wolfe?

Fringe health and well-being guru David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe is coming to Australia and surprise, surprise there are two separate petitions going around calling for him to be banned. One of the petitions is addressed to the Hon. Peter Dutton and claims that Wolfe ‘represents a danger to the Australian community, and the health of children and adults alike, due to his extreme views…we request his visa be revoked on theses [sic] grounds under Public Interest Criteria 4001’. The other petition is addressed to the Rendezvous Hotel in Perth who are hosting a conference at which Wolfe is scheduled to appear, in an attempt to get the venue to cancel the event.

Of course the petitioners are well within their rights to circulate a petition and some argue that this sort of action is evidence of people exercising their own free speech in calling for Wolfe to be banned, Read the rest

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Free speech gets shredded

Last Thursday Dr Anne Aly Member for Cowan shared a video of herself shredding the Institute of Public Affairs’ submission to the Free Speech in Australia inquiry and in doing so she demonstrated the attitudes that many have towards opinions that they don’t like: to shut them down by whatever means possible.

On her post Dr Aly asks “what kinds of racially motivated things do Malcolm Turnbull, the Liberals and the IPA want to say that they’re not allowed to right now?” I can’t speak for Mr Turnbull, the Liberal Party or the IPA but as an ordinary Australian I’ll have a go at answering. We want the freedom to be able discuss touchy subjects like Aboriginal disadvantage, immigration policies and freedom of religion without fear that somebody hearing what we have to say will feel offended enough to initiate an 18C complaint with the AHRC.

In 2002 WA Senator Read the rest

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