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It’s time to say NO to renewable energy targets

‘How will you be able to look your grandchildren in the eye and tell them you didn’t do anything about climate change?’ If you’ve engaged in any kind of climate change or energy policy debate, you will have no doubt heard this question asked. The point of course being that the only moral course of action is to reduce our use of fossil fuels drastically by switching to renewable energy post-haste. If you disagree with this outlook you are a ‘denier’, ‘dinosaur’ or a fossil fuel shill. The reality though is that forcing us onto unreliable renewable energy sources before they are viable is expensive, destructive and morally bereft.

Apart from financing climate change initiatives globally, Australia has committed to the RET which aims for 23.5% of our national energy production to be renewable by 2020 and represents a doubling of our current levels of renewable energy production. Bill Shorten’s Read the rest


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LibertyWorks Podcast Episode 1: Anthony Cappello of Connor Court Publishing

In first LibertyWorks Podcast, Justin Campbell interviews Anthony Cappello of Connor Court Publishing, who has just published David van Gend’s book Stealing From the Child – Injustice of marriage equality. Connor Court’s usual printer has refused to print the book due to its content. Justin discuss that with Anthony, as well as corporate responsibility and the publishing business.

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