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Nanny Knows Best

Recently we heard that a Tasmanian farmer Mr Carter, has had a run in with the Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority for giving people a taste of raw milk straight from the udder of his dairy cows after a milking demonstration. He has been issued with an infringement notice for this subversive activity even though he isn’t selling raw milk, the justification being that consumption of raw milk carries with it health risks, especially for children.

It’s true that under certain conditions such as unhygienic milking or storage practises, raw milk may pose a health risk, however one could argue that milk straight from the udder of a well-cared for animal carries little to none.

I like to think that grown adults can make the decision for themselves about whether they decide to consume raw milk and Mr Carter agrees. He says that the milk tastings are the highlight of the Read the rest

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What I’ve learned from Dr Jordan B Peterson, Professor of Psychology…

Dr Peterson is a former Harvard professor who now teaches at the University of Toronto, and he has done some rigorous and fascinating quantitative research into the behavioural and personality traits of people with different political philosophies, including ground-breaking work on Political Correctness (PC) or Social Justice Warriors (SJW).

He points out:

The PC/SJW brigade are quantifiably different to the traditional left-liberal personality types. While the defining feature of left-liberals is to be open to new experiences and change, the defining feature of PC people is that they want to form mother-child bonds everywhere within society, protecting everybody from everything. The evidence from Jordan’s scientific study is consistent with my totally unscientific vibe, and I think is shown up starkly in the anti-PC rebellion by people such as Bill Maher, Dave Rubin, Sargon of Akkad, Chris Ray Gun, and Thunderf00t… who identify as “left” … Read the rest

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Queensland Trading Hours: Businesses should be free to choose their own trading hours


In response to Queensland Government’s review of the Review of Trading (Allowable Hours) Act 1990, LibertyWorks Inc. is proposing that all regulations around tradable hours be abolished as soon as possible. Trading hours are an unjust restriction on the freedom of business owners and consumers, they encourage rent seeking, and limit the employment opportunities available to Queensland’s most vulnerable people.

The Nobel prize winning economist Friedrich Hayek warned of the ‘Pretense of Knowledge’, at its core, his argument was that knowledge is unevenly dispersed among different members of society – and that as a result, decisions are best made by those with local knowledge rather than by a central authority. This theory can be applied to trading hours. How can a government agency possibly know what time the local store should open? Should it be 6am or 9am? Can that same government agency know what time the consumer wants … Read the rest

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Cannabis use is a victimless crime that should be legalised

Much to the pleasure of potheads throughout Australia, medical marijuana was legalised after changes to the Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act 2016 came into effect allowing businesses to apply for a licence to cultivate cannabis or manufacture cannabis products for medicinal purposes, or to conduct related research. While this is no doubt good news, and a step in the right direction, the supposed medical benefits or consequences of cannabis usage are irrelevant as to whether its usage should be a criminal offence. Smoking cannabis is a victimless crime that should be legal because consenting adults should have the freedom to make their own life choices.

There are many arguments for the legalisation of cannabis that include but not limited to: it would significantly weaken organised crime; it would raise much needed revenue for the government; potheads are more mellow than drunks. But, to argue any of those points would be missing Read the rest

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New welfare model, old welfare results

Justin Campbell argues, Christian Porter’s new welfare investment model won’t create jobs or growth.

Recently, Social Services minister Christian Porter announced that the government intends to introduce a New Zealand style welfare investment model. The model involves the government investing more initially in problem cases early on, with the view that it will reduce the government’s long-term liability. New Zealand much like Australia has had a problem with people moving from normal unemployment benefits to the higher paying disability payments. The investment model would provide more resources for these hard cases; helping them move into employment. However, is this just another big government solution to a micro level problem?

Presently, Australia’s welfare system already provides more resources to the long-term unemployed via Job Services Australia (JSA) or the Disability Employment program (DES). I have previously worked in the Disability Employment Program and the Work for the Dole Program. Nothing I Read the rest

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