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The hammer of the law: the Trojan horse that is SSM

On 27 November 2007, the legal hammer fell on Massachusetts’ resident David Parker as he lost his court battle to determine what moral teaching his child would receive at school. It was the culmination of a legal case that began in April 2006 after Parker discovered (in early 2005), that the school was teaching his son about homosexual relationships and transgenderism.

In one of the most lawless legal rulings you’ll ever read, Parker and by extension every parent in Massachusetts, was plunged into the Orwellian nightmare that comes when gay marriage has the backing of legal force from the state. After running around looking for any possible justification for his views, Judge Mark Wolf ruled that:

  1. Now that gay marriage is legal the state had a duty to normalise homosexual relationships.
  2. The school could use teaching materials and methods to that end.
  3. The school had no obligation to notify parents
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Plebiscites and pontification

There has been a plethora of pundits weighing in on the subject of same-sex marriage in recent weeks. A significant amount of intellectual energy has been expended by libertarian commenters attempting to assert that a yes vote in the upcoming postal plebiscite is inconsistent with libertarian values. In particular, it has been argued that the true libertarian position would revolve around the complete devolution of marriage from its current status as a function of the state to its historical role as a function of religious and secular civil society. Another common objection revolves around the protection of the religious liberties of those who might be called upon to cater to same-sex wedding celebrations. It is all well and good to pontificate about perfect libertarian solutions involving getting government out of marriage altogether and protecting the right of businesspeople to choose who they will and won’t do business with but in … Read the rest

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LibertyWorks Podcast Episode 1: Anthony Cappello of Connor Court Publishing

In first LibertyWorks Podcast, Justin Campbell interviews Anthony Cappello of Connor Court Publishing, who has just published David van Gend’s book Stealing From the Child – Injustice of marriage equality. Connor Court’s usual printer has refused to print the book due to its content. Justin discuss that with Anthony, as well as corporate responsibility and the publishing business.

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David and the Rainbow Jihadists

David Van Gend recently did that most rare of things – he defended the freedom of his opponents. David’s book, Stealing from the child – the injustices of ‘marriage equality’ has courted controversy. In fact, the book proved so controversial that publisher Connor Court’s usual printer McPherson’s refused to print it. How did van Gend respond to this refusal to print? He defended their right to do so.

David van Gend justified his stance by saying, “It is a shock to find a commercial printer acting as a censor for the gay lobby. That has a chilling effect on free public argument in a free society. However it is within their right as a private company to discriminate against people like me on ideological grounds. I accept that. We are not like some people who would take anti-discrimination action. We do not think those sort of laws are worthy Read the rest

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