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Trumponomics: what is it exactly?

The White House indirectly touted “Trumponomics” again in a recent press release that featured the following:

The U.S. economy continues its streak of consecutive positive monthly job numbers. The unemployment rate edged down 0.1 percentage point over the month to 3.8 percent. This is the lowest unemployment rate in more than 18 years, and its benefits are being felt broadly across America.

The day before this press release, Dr Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation wrote about The Mojo of Trumponomics in Townhall. Early last year, Charles Payne of Townhall Finance covered the Emergence Of Trumponomics. Neither tried to set out what “Trumponomics” exactly is.

Mr Payne did, however, make reference to “Lower Taxes & Regulations = Greater Supply = Higher Employment”. Dr Moore went a bit further by stating that:

One of the key principles of Trumponomics is that faster economic growth can Read the rest

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