Victimless Crimes

Fingerprint Scanners – Coming to a King of Knives near you.

On May 4 The Australian’s Paul Maley ran an exclusive story with the New South Wales Counter Terrorism Minister, David Elliot. The headline read:

‘Terror cops ‘need more of your info’.

According to the minister, ‘Police increasingly will need to rely on basic information about people’s daily personal transactions – such as car hires, knife purchases or hotel bookings – if they are to prevent terrorist attacks.’

‘As terrorist attacks become more rudimentary, Mr Elliot has flagged greater co-operation from the private sector as the key to keeping the community safe…. Islamic terror would likely be with Australians for decades to come, and defeating it would likely require ever greater sacrifices in privacy. In particular he said, deeper and more frequent information exchanges between authorities and the private sector could be needed, perhaps including mandatory reporting requirements for some industries.’

Mr Elliot cites other industry areas such as … Read the rest

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