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Tax and spend liberals

Economist and LibertyWorks advisory board member, Darren Brady Nelson, has a few piercing comments on last night’s budget.

The former Republican President Ronald Reagan used to pejoratively refer to the Democrats in the 1980s as “tax-and-spend liberals” with a lower-case “l”. Last night Treasurer Scott Morrison in his 2017-18 Budget speech clearly earned the moniker for himself and the Turnbull Government of “tax-and-spend Liberals” with an upper-case “L”.

On the tax side of the ‘tax-and-spend’ ledger, there was a recycling of the “enterprise tax plan” which one can barely call a real tax cut with a straight face. The rest of the Budget’s tax initiatives were tax increases semi-disguised using such language as “levy” or 1984 double-speak as “reversing” and “reversal” of “savings”. Levies, for instance, were mentioned ten times. And not mentioned, of course, as removals or decreases.

On the spending side of the ‘tax-and-spend’ ledger, a … Read the rest

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5 ways we can give Aboriginal disadvantage the boot

Last week The Australian newspaper reported claims that a high proportion of Aboriginal children in some Cape York communities are not receiving the assistance they need to address intellectual impairment. Also reported on an ABC website was the call for extra police officers to go to the remote community of Ali Curung to bring an ongoing conflict between two clan groups under control. On Anzac Day, a 16 year old Aboriginal boy took his own life in Broome. While these stories do not represent all of Aboriginal Australia, they do spotlight the serious problems which far too many Aboriginal people face today. If these are not dealt with now, they will blight the next generation.

While Aboriginal leaders, organisations, and committees are focusing on treaties and constitutional recognition, I provide five ideas here that I believe will result in a positive quantum change for Aboriginal people. We do … Read the rest

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New welfare model, old welfare results

Justin Campbell argues, Christian Porter’s new welfare investment model won’t create jobs or growth.

Recently, Social Services minister Christian Porter announced that the government intends to introduce a New Zealand style welfare investment model. The model involves the government investing more initially in problem cases early on, with the view that it will reduce the government’s long-term liability. New Zealand much like Australia has had a problem with people moving from normal unemployment benefits to the higher paying disability payments. The investment model would provide more resources for these hard cases; helping them move into employment. However, is this just another big government solution to a micro level problem?

Presently, Australia’s welfare system already provides more resources to the long-term unemployed via Job Services Australia (JSA) or the Disability Employment program (DES). I have previously worked in the Disability Employment Program and the Work for the Dole Program. Nothing I Read the rest

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