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Andrew Cooperac shot small head shot
President & Founder
LibertyWorks Inc.

Andrew is the founder and president of LibertyWorks.org.au, a not-for-profit do-tank advocating classical liberal values and policies, and LibertyFest.org.au, an annual conference series celebrating our liberty where it exists and plotting to expand it where it doesn’t. He has resolved to help a better, more moral society evolve by peeling back the State’s involvement in our economic and personal lives. more>>>

Bronwyn Ablett
Organisation Secretary
LibertyWorks Inc.

Bronwyn is a Brisbane based solicitor practising exclusively in commercial litigation. Previously, she spent ten years working as a prison officer.  Bronwyn has degrees in law, psychological science and the arts, majoring in criminology and criminal justice. Bronwyn believes in people’s right, and ability, to make decisions for themselves, free from Government interference.