Principles + Vision + Mission

LibertyWorks Inc. is an Australian based not-for-profit organisation that advocates for a drastic reduction in government control over people’s economic and personal lives. We celebrate liberty where it exists and fight the erosion of liberty when it’s under threat. We do this because liberty is the essential element in human progress. We observe and believe that Liberty Powers Progress.


Free Market Capitalism is a Win-Win System

Free markets allow buyers and sellers to willingly engage in interactions that create value for both parties. Buyers reward sellers who produce goods and services that appeal to them and sellers are encouraged to take risks and work hard to develop new ideas, products and services to appeal to potential buyers. Neither buyers nor sellers are coerced into proceeding with any transaction, they are entirely voluntary, and move forward if both parties perceive they get something out of it. It’s only free markets that produce these voluntary win-win interactions and each time they do, they economic pie expands. Capitalism is a more successful economic system and a more moral one too.

Governments Operate Win-Lose Systems

In contrast to free markets, government provided services are always win-lose transactions. Governments tax unwilling citizens to redistribute the proceeds to others in the form of cash or “services”. While the recipients of the largess are typically happy to take the handouts, we should remember that everything that is given to them has been forced from someone else. In the absence of the threat of force, government tax programs can not operate.

Under this system, “winners” seek to maximise their wins and the coerced seek to avoid additional losses. Government created transactions do not create value, they take value from some people and give it to others without increasing the economic pie. Therefore, Government heavy economies produce poor economic results and are morally inferior to free markets because they rely on coercion to function.

Personal Liberty Powers Progress

Government interference with the personal liberty of citizens diminishes our ability to lead happy, self fulfilling lives. Individuals should be free to lead their lives in the way that they believe is best for them provided that in doing so they do not diminish anyone else’s right to do the same. Free markets operate best when individuals are free to pursue their interests. It’s the combination of empowered and unfettered individuals living and operating in efficient free markets that powers progress for all.


We seek a freer society where individuals retain more ownership over their lives, earnings and property.


The mission of LibertyWorks is to:

  1. Stand firm and protect our current freedoms from regulatory attack, and
  2. Expand liberty further by campaigning for change and further adoption of our principles.

We will do this by building and energising the largest network of activists advocating the principles of free markets, less intrusive government, personal liberty, and the rule of common law.


If you would like to become involved please consider a Membership (Free and Financial memberships available). Alternatively please contact LibertyWorks to discuss other ways that you can make a difference.